Live Music / Concerts My favorite date ideas

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  • HeavyC ( 49M / Louisville, KY )


    A comfortable place to be able to talk and gain knowledge about one another. Coffee or a drink, perhaps at sunset, somewhere along the riverfront.

  • rocksoul ( 34M / Bergamo, Lombardia )


    We buy two take away drinks and then we go to a park, sit on a bench and chat to know better... Simple but, in my opinion, always the best way to do a first date.

  • soulstice2012 ( 32W / Sonoita, AZ )


    Movies.. Dinner... Fun sports activity. The usual.

  • Mr_Bear ( 35M / Birmingham, AL )


    having a spontaneous night full of the unknown

  • ChloeBS30 ( 35W / Saline, MI )


    I would like to just meet for a drink first and then maybe going and see some live music. I love all kinds if music!

  • Islandqtie ( 43W / Charlotte, NC )


    A long walk on the beach or at a park...just walking and talking getting to know each other without the pressures of a dinner date yet. Maybe grab some coffee and take it from there. Maybe an outdoor concert in the park

  • cmccann ( 28W / Lindsay, OK )


    I usally leave it up to my date as long as its something fun!!!

  • chocolatebarbie ( 38W / Springfield, IL )


    I would like to go a poetry reading and listen to live music.

  • Josephrocco ( 45M / Philadelphia, PA )


    Go to movies, then restaurant and walk in the park

  • ReddJersey ( 43W / Irving, TX )


    Coffee, LIVE music or casual lunch at a pub.

  • motherearth ( 45W / Hummelstown, PA )


    Maybe an outdoor concert sharing a blanket on the lawn, then maybe a walk along the river and then ending the evening with an ice cream cone. And if all went well a light kiss goodnight!

  • Nirvana88 ( 27W / Marietta, GA )


    anywhere but the movies....u cant really get to know someone staring at a screen

  • desire0927 ( 40W / Hempstead, NY )


    I'm pretty open but definitely somewhere where we can talk and get to know eachother.

  • alegria2000 ( 52W / Carlsbad, NM )


    Go out and have dinner and get acquanted.

  • tressia29 ( 33W / Albany, GA )


    i nice setting where we can have fun talk and get to know each other