First Date Ideas

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  • chrisrjames ( 39 / M / Toledo, OH )

    Take walk in the moonlight kiss

  • giho123 ( 23 / M / Korea, South )

    What mean?? T.T ahhhh~~~~~

  • Sithell ( 33 / M / Vancouver, WA )

    Talking about interests, seeing a good movie, walking and holding hands even on the first date is nice.

  • Dekaritae_ ( 37 / M / Vancouver, BC )

    Coffee, sugar, awkward silences? How about a walk through a shopping mall while quietly judging other people.

  • krisinda ( 44 / W / Johnstown, PA )

    Something outdoors would be nice.

  • LadyTra101 ( 52 / W / Clinton Township, MI )

    A walk along a river or lake talking and getting to know each other would be a nice, no pressure way to get acquainted.

  • tatt0oedlette ( 34 / W / Clayton, NJ )

    I think a good first date would be getting to know each other better maybe with a walk somewhere whether it be in the city, down the shore or simply in a park somewhere. And if we hit it off maybe conituning the date wit...  read more>>

  • samitch ( 56 / M / Elgin, IL )

    walking around the zoo is always peaceful. or a park. Leaves plenty of time for talk and to see if the chemistry is there.

  • Imakemsquirt ( 39 / M / Xenia, OH )

    How bout we go for a walk Holding hands , gettin to Know each other.then we could Have dinner , play pool And go to a movie !

  • pigi44 ( 22 / M / France )

    Je cherche une rencontre pour ensuite voir comment va se passer la suite et pouvoir avoir pmus qu'une rencontre peut ĂȘtre.

  • CED6669MAN ( 53 / M / Salinas, CA )

    I'd love to start out with lunch on Fisherman's Wharf, followed by a nice walk along the beach to talk, get to know one another...

  • icylover278 ( 57 / M / Cleveland, OH )

    Being a good person an treat u like a queen an im tour king

  • mayaflower ( 45 / W / Rapid City, SD )

    I like the idea of a candlelight dinner and then a walk where there are trees and water. I know the perfect place in Rapid City for this. If this is too much for the first meeting I am open to idea's. I'm a very open min...  read more>>

  • rocman1 ( 39 / M / New York, NY )

    A nice walk and talk about me and hear

  • JRepp86 ( 30 / M / Malden, MA )

    For a first date i would want to talk and get to know eachother. So I would take a walk at night on the beach or someplace we could see the stars real good. After that we could go out for drinks or a bite to eat.