Fancy Dining

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  • gudlookin (43M/Bordentown, NJ)


    Our first date, would consist of; a candlelight dinner, with some soft jazz played in da background. A sweet Chardonnay (chilled)... And, much eye to eye contact, while conversing over our meal.

  • BLKTDYBEAR (46M/Grand Rapids, MI)


    Dinner,or maybe just a coffee or walk.

  • Nikkit (28W/Lawson, New South Wales)


    I love to eat out so I would really enjoy being taken out to a restaurant and then maybe to the theatre or even cocktails overlooking the harbour.

  • pacificprincess (39W/Auckland, Auckland)


    A candlelight dinner on a floating restaurant, watching the sun set beyond the horizon then go for a nice stroll on the seawall (if there is one) close to the sea. Otherwise, a little waltz on the deck of chartered boat  more>>

  • Ragusa (34W/Uster, Zurich)


    Wie wäre es mit einem feinen Abendessen mit leckerem Cordon Bleu und süffigem Wein?

  • Spyro_Langer (38M/Modesto, CA)


    How about something relaxing. Your favorite restaurant, perhaps! Have a light dinner and get to know eachother. See if there's chemistry :)

  • SweetFLguy (28M/Tampa, FL)


    I'm a foodie who loves dressing up and going out to eat. It's even better when there's someone sitting with me to have a great conversation with ;)

  • Yorsweetlady (38W/Macon, GA)


    Dinner, a show, and music. I love being surprised. A helicopter ride, or flight to another location is awesome. I love cooler climates such as San Francisco. I love jazz music.

  • great1 (64M/Renton, WA)


    lets go to dinner then go dancing or find a quite place to talk

  • tsmith (48M/Austin, TX)


    i already sent my first date idea, dinner, mall, short, walk. movies.

  • kiwi1616 (31W/pickering, Ontario)


    Going to the movies or a show then to a nice dinner

  • LOVESEAT (59M/Los Angeles, CA)


    I enjoy meeting my date for breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

  • yogi_xxx2002 (41M/Clifton East End, MD)


    my first date would be simple ......a nice dinner at a very nice restaurant......not burger king or mcdonald's....... some place we can talk & get to know each other!!!!! then whereever the night takes us ...the movies  more>>

  • PorkyFA (47M/Lansing, MI)


    Standard first date: dinner and a movie, with stadium seating that has the extra wide seats and the good popcorn. Options include local professional game if you're a big fan, and need a box seat close to the action. Or j  more>>

  • niceguy_420 (28M/Ottawa, Ontario)


    I like movies, coffee, basically anything where I can be intimate with my date. Not necessarily physically.