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  • Silk1004 ( 47 / W / Humble, TX )

    The Natural Science Museum is one of my favorites. We can walk and talk. Then dinner for more talking.

  • maryte ( 46 / W / Toronto, ON )

    It's quite hard to say what is an ideal date. Really anything that allows for comfortable chatting, and eye contact is important. So brunch is a good option, as is a coffee date. Myself, I like museums, the brunch idea a...  read more >>

  • pinkroses716 ( 31 / W / Atlantic City, NJ )

    maybe a walk on the boardwalk, maybe a cafe. someplace simple where we can chat.

  • PhotoGirl026 ( 28 / W / Towson, MD )

    Would you like to go to a concert or a museum downtown?

  • Sweetness2023 ( 43 / W / Lancaster, OH )

    Anything as long as it isn't so loud we can't hear each other.

  • FluffyDiva87 ( 30 / W / Brooklyn, NY )

    An ideal first date would be touring a museum and dinner afterwards, something where we could engage in conversation and get to kno each other. we'll save the movies for another time.

  • BeckySings ( 29 / W / Newport News, VA )

    I want to do something where we can talk. There's no point to a first date if we can't get to know each other. I'm not too picky as to the activity (but I would give brownie points if it was more creative than dinner and...  read more >>

  • sweetpeach27 ( 58 / W / Pendleton, IN )

    just let chat first to see if any match.....(maybe) if match, then we can discuss more about where to go to or where is the best place to meet at ? ok. Smile

  • centered ( 40 / W / Kearny, NJ )

    I always suggest a middle of the afternoon date in a crowded area makes it less stressful.

  • Cookie32825 ( 45 / W / Middleburg, FL )

    Something that does requires me

  • mcleanva ( 49 / M / Vienna, VA )

    I'd love to go to a museum or art gallery!

  • fenixbaby ( 41 / W / Milton, WA )

    Dinner, walk around a museum, then ice cream

  • jls23ae ( 30 / W / Charlotte, TN )

    I love walking through museums seeing the art and history. I love to learn new things.

  • jenrose1975 ( 42 / W / Duluth, MN )

    First date I would want something that envokes conversation to break the ice in getting to know each other. Like an art show where we can discuss what we think. Or an animal shelter. Something special and relaxing about...  read more >>

  • Cinephile ( 33 / W / Dayton, OH )

    Museum followed by dinner. Allows for subject matter so you don't have to worry about running out of things to discuss.