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  • ssal777 ( 72 / W / Rochester, NY )

    It depends on the person and what we have in common. Going some place where we can talk and get to know each other. I want to look in their eyes and see their smile. It is not what you are wrapped in it is what inside th  more>>

  • Silk1004 ( 45 / W / Humble, TX )

    The Natural Science Museum is one of my favorites. We can walk and talk. Then dinner for more talking.

  • maryte ( 44 / W / Toronto, ON )

    It's quite hard to say what is an ideal date. Really anything that allows for comfortable chatting, and eye contact is important. So brunch is a good option, as is a coffee date. Myself, I like museums, the brunch idea a  more>>

  • pinkroses716 ( 29 / W / Atlantic City, NJ )

    maybe a walk on the boardwalk, maybe a cafe. someplace simple where we can chat.

  • PhotoGirl026 ( 25 / W / Towson, MD )

    Would you like to go to a concert or a museum downtown?

  • Sweetness2023 ( 41 / W / Lancaster, OH )

    Anything as long as it isn't so loud we can't hear each other.

  • FluffyDiva87 ( 28 / W / Brooklyn, NY )

    An ideal first date would be touring a museum and dinner afterwards, something where we could engage in conversation and get to kno each other. we'll save the movies for another time.

  • BeckySings ( 26 / W / Newport News, VA )

    I want to do something where we can talk. There's no point to a first date if we can't get to know each other. I'm not too picky as to the activity (but I would give brownie points if it was more creative than dinner and  more>>

  • sweetpeach27 ( 55 / W / Pendleton, IN )

    just let chat first to see if any match.....(maybe) if match, then we can discuss more about where to go to or where is the best place to meet at ? ok. Smile

  • centered ( 38 / W / Kearny, NJ )

    I always suggest a middle of the afternoon date in a crowded area makes it less stressful.

  • Cookie32825 ( 42 / W / Middleburg, FL )

    Something that does requires me

  • mcleanva ( 47 / M / Vienna, VA )

    I'd love to go to a museum or art gallery!

  • fenixbaby ( 38 / W / Milton, WA )

    Dinner, walk around a museum, then ice cream

  • jls23ae ( 27 / W / Charlotte, TN )

    I love walking through museums seeing the art and history. I love to learn new things.

  • GAPRpeach ( 50 / W / Buffalo, NY )

    How about meeting for a visit to a museum or a walk in a park? Later go out for something to eat.