Fun Date Ideas

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  • BinkyDee ( 52 / W / London, England - London )

    Meet somewhere public and get to know each other. Maybe a bistro for coffee or a museum or art gallery? Even a theme park if you're that adventurous? :)

  • Jennynh ( 47 / W / Tilton, NH )

    This depends, if we have talked a bit, then maybe a drink and app. If we haven't talked a lot then maybe a meet and greet at a park to see if we feel comfortable enough to go on a date..

  • Overthinker1 ( 29 / M / Norrk√∂ping, Ostergotlands Lan )

    Probably something on the more casual side. Maybe a small activity, or eating somewhere.

  • BbwMASSAGELover ( 41 / M / Alkmaar, Noord-Holland )

    going totally mad together

  • loosee ( 64 / W / Chilliwack, BC )

    It would depend on how we got along just talking

  • allyours32975 ( 29 / M / Brooklyn, NY )

    Let's go to Central Park on a nice day and talk and get to know each other and maybe after that we can go get lunch/dinner. Depending on if you drink or not, we can either get drinks or coffee. I'm good with either even...  read more >>

  • xlrider ( 51 / M / Columbia, SC )

    I'd pick you up in my helicopter, and fly us to Savannah for a late dinner. Then we'd take the chopper to Atlanta where I keep my G6, and we'd take a ride on the plane. We'd fall asleep, waking up just in time to land in...  read more >>

  • amyeli ( 54 / W / North Liberty, IA )

    I think anywhere we can talk and get to know each other.

  • DragonWagon ( 18 / M / Denver, CO )

    Pretty much convenient for both parties. somewhere during daylight. Perhaps online, via voice calls, etc.

  • Tattedcali2316 ( 34 / M / Rocklin, CA )

    Well i wouldnt mind getting a few drinks, maybe a bite to eat, then enjoy desert;) weather its off of you or off of me, im game;)

  • luv2squeeze ( 45 / W / Carlsbad, CA )

    ...because if a mutual interest has been established, if course a meet up for coffee/drinks I think is ideal. If a "beyond that" occurs, maybe try out something "recreational" at a level we're both comfortable with.

  • JJ1996 ( 21 / M / Lincoln, ME )

    we can talk over coffee/tea, or see a movie, dinner, going for a wack, sports, game inside or out. If these don't seem like your thing I'm open to anything, or anywhere.

  • VMajere ( 20 / M / Cantonment, FL )

    "Dates" aren't exactly my strong point. I just enjoy company, and the term "date" makes me feel obligated to act/behave a certain way or go to a certain place to try to impress people rather than simp...  read more >>

  • Robsouls ( 38 / M / Sun City, AZ )

    Personally, I like pizza and drinks on the couch

  • Tastytouch1 ( 50 / W / Corpus Christi, TX )

    Flip Flops, big T shirt..shorts..hand in hand walking the beach..smiling and letting our hearts say hi.