First Date Ideas

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  • starla61 ( 55 / W / Denver, CO )

    To go out on a romantic dinner and then to a movie.

  • gatling ( 45 / M / ciudad juarez, Chihuahua )

    my first date I would like it to be having a very good diner

  • Kahliente72 ( 44 / W / Laredo, TX )

    Nice dinner, conversation and dancing

  • Millionare2000 ( 30 / M / Perryville, MO )

    Candlelight dinner an a nice funny movie.

  • 700raptor ( 27 / M / Australia )

    I'd take you on a romantic dinner some whear really nice or on a picnic on the beach I'd bring you a amazing red rose

  • pat013 ( 49 / M / Chateauguay, QC )

    Let's start with a coffee. If the chemistry is good we will have a nice diner with a bottle of red wine. then a long conversation to know each other.

  • mosaiceyesplus ( 59 / W / Lansing, MI )

    Go out for romantic dinner. Sit in a quiet private table so our conversation is not in competition with the rest of the restaurant noise. Get to know each other a little and see if there is a spark between us...

  • Urs4ever ( 56 / W / Bedford, TX )

    Our first date, can be either dinner, or just coffee at a cafe. Maybe play some boardgames, or perhaps darts, pool, am not very good at it, but you can teach me. Maybe flowers.

  • forever33 ( 37 / W / Northport, AL )

    to the lot of talking

  • ricric74 ( 43 / M / Dallas, TX )

    the date will start at the lake to see the sun settle then dinner and to finish with a movie

  • Habsfan2000 ( 26 / M / Calgary, AB )

    I was thinking dinner in a romantic restaurant movie afterwards and then a long walk where we can talk and get to know one another

  • HeftyStevey ( 24 / M / Tell City, IN )

    a nice campfire or a spendy dinner out on the river

  • Tbone23 ( 37 / M / Ullin, IL )

    Dinner movie go few drinks ..walk in park talk get to know one another....end it with a small kiss goodnite

  • lovemeroger ( 51 / M / San Diego, CA )

    Just relaxing in a Dinner resturant and let her know how I feel for Her

  • Bigman5224 ( 25 / M / Alamo, TN )

    Well i would love to take a girl out to a candle light dinner and just sit there and eat and get to know a little more about each other.