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  • mstweetytou2010 ( 39W / Philadelphia, PA )


    just to enjoy my date at movie or a play dinner walk near the walk

  • Twink5674 ( 58W / Caledonia, OH )


    I think a great 1st date would be @ a local coffee shop or restaurant, meeting for lunch or just for coffee, just chatting and taking the time to get to know each other.

  • fllisamarie ( 49W / Daytona Beach, FL )


    Someplace where we both can relax and no pressure. I want him to laugh and be himself. Hopefully that will include him being a complete gentleman.

  • Aabbee ( 26W / Edinburgh, Scotland - Midlothian )


    My dreamed date involves a tent, simple dinner, music and a bonfire But a restaurant, a movie and a kiss is enough too :D

  • Connoisseur74 ( 40M / Brooklyn, NY )


    Fly kites and eat soft serve ice cream by the water.

  • Wild_Dollar_Bill ( 43M / Chicago, IL )


    Haveing Brunch at IHOP than going to the zoo.

  • seattle1234 ( 63M / Bellingham, WA )


    meet at some cafe for coffee , maybe take a walk afterwards... we should know by then if it's gonna work .... by then its late afternoon and we can go have a cocktail and dinner .... after that we can make out for a whil  more>>

  • HaroldKumar ( 42M / Sunnyvale, CA )


    I hope this is fair, but the elaborate dates should wait a bit; my favorite first dates have been the ones that started simply and a natural connection made it blossom. We could have a meal together, then walk around a p  more>>

  • August2005 ( 63W / Rockville Centre, NY )



  • truck285 ( 44M / Baltimore, MD )


    My first date is to go anywhere that make her smile,happy,enjoy herself,and enjoy me as her date.

  • SoftnCurvy ( 67W / Raymond, NH )


    I think you're right -we may click - I liked your profile also. SoftnCurvy (Dotty)

  • Letty1967 ( 47W / Sierra Vista, AZ )


    To have a romantic dinner for two and a movie....

  • BigMan2Luv ( 60M / Wilkes Barre, PA )


    Have a casual lunch , and a walk through the mall.

  • Makeupforever ( 32W / Burnaby, BC )


    i want to take it slow. a nice walk or chat in the park...something that allows us to get to know each other..... i want you to be you and in turn i will be me... Hope to meet you soon.

  • jeremytool ( 53M / Chicago, IL )


    got to know each other and decide if we want develop further relationships