First Date Ideas

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  • Celeste9193 ( 41 / W / Wichita, KS )

    A nice walk in a park. Something so we can talk.

  • hueygideon ( 31 / M / Brooklyn, NY )

    Taking a nice walk to the park while eating ice cream

  • SpotlessMind ( 27 / M / Nashville, TN )

    Something simple that could give us a chance to talk and get to know each other.

  • kelvinsn ( 24 / M / Hawthorne, NJ )

    Grab a drink walk and talk just to hit it off and get comfy after that though is when the truly romantic things happen 😘

  • katie42k ( 45 / W / Omaha, NE )

    I like a first date where we can enjoy each other. A nice walk or a jog would be nice or play tennis and then after enjoy ice cream or a bite to eat.

  • ladydyana ( 36 / W / Haiku, HI )

    Let's go for a hike to a pond and take a dip!

  • sadojones ( 44 / M / Milwaukee, WI )

    Have fun have a good time have some drinks if you drink go out to eat get to know each other know each other real good I know who you is what you want out of life or what he want out of life

  • Jrush420 ( 34 / M / Thorold, ON )

    Cribbage, Crazy 8s, Go Fish, Clue, Monopoly

  • OldFashion49 ( 52 / W / Lanham, MD )

    Beach and site seeing. Sharing an ice cream sundae.

  • liquidsquirter ( 47 / M / Cape Coral, FL )

    Someone very affection kissing holding hands hugs

  • in2theblue ( 30 / W / Port Dover, ON )

    Get some coffee, go for a walk

  • anubis1228 ( 47 / M / Brooklyn, NY )

    I really date I'm a father first plus I just want to text with people

  • genghiskuhn ( 28 / M / Burbank, CA )

    There's too much to choose from in L.A! So many things to do and so little time to see them all.

  • charlie_cross ( 25 / M / Goleta, CA )

    We would hike through some amazing scenery before reaching the beach. The nature in California is amazing, why waste it? I would bring with me a cooler with some meat and other goodies as well as a small stove. On the be...  read more>>

  • NativePride420 ( 23 / M / Wiarton, ON )

    I'd like to hike on my first date. To see the area an to show someone it through my eyes. The best way to better understand someone is in the beauty of nature itself. It reveals us to ourselves. The more I know someone f...  read more>>