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  • mdbone41 ( 46M / Fullerton, CA )


    Take you out the BEACH or to a nice restaurant to meet up

  • peterin ( 32M / hobart, Tasmania )


    Ice cream parlour, or pancakes mmm I cant get enough of the big blueberry and icecream pancakes!!! Coffee and a stroll

  • AngelKittyHeathe ( 25W / Columbia, SC )


    Be slow. Dont rush in to things.

  • yungsir219 ( 28M / East Chicago, IN )


    WE do sumthin simple first like go to a nice resturant and a movie then sit by the fire talk have a glass or two of moscato

  • bbwoxox ( 29W / Morganville, NJ )


    well as you can tell i love to eat idc where but i love to eat and lots of belly rubbing and playin

  • sierraman920 ( 50M / Newark, OH )


    just set back and talk and get to know each other and have a coffee or a soda

  • hugo12 ( 46M / New York, NY )


    in the evening first; than go hand in hand on the beach

  • ChiquitaKikita ( 34W / Toronto, Ontario )


    Doesn't this really depend on the person? Somewhere where we can talk - a movie would be a bad idea - can't get to know you if I'm absorbed in a movie :P

  • enyawyarg ( 72W / Somerville, MA )


    I would consider my first date to be over coffee,talking and hopefully some laughing.

  • BHMLover92 ( 39W / Tempe, AZ )


    My first idea date would be meeting up for some ice cream...then go from there.

  • cloudsofextasy ( 47W / North Prairie, WI )


    meet , have a drink, sweep me off my feet.

  • BBOOP1999 ( 61W / Murrieta, CA )


    An easy meeting where we could enjoy each other and some light dessert!