First Date Ideas

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  • Kristine2000 ( 52 / W / Denver, CO )

    We take a long drive to the mountians. Window shop thru the town, and have a nice lunch. Sit and talk until the stars come out and walk hand in hand back to the car. Where you give me the first kiss.

  • bigcocl ( 35 / M / Central Point, OR )

    Show a little personality by choosing a clever headline to along walk on beachh

  • allsmile ( 57 / W / Flint, MI )

    Like to meet in a public place to really get to know each other, then take a drive,

  • Eliesha_Branston ( 45 / W / Bismarck, ND )

    you know that for me, i like to be low pressure, but it would be nice to have a candlelite dinner at a denny's, just to be different

  • Majesty ( 37 / W / Chicago, IL )

    All.over Illinois, show me who you are ..

  • KJ1122 ( 40 / W / Manassas, VA )

    Monuments and museums, like MLK, CSI lab, or the Smithsonium. Something diferent.

  • new2013lady ( 46 / W / Beaumont, TX )

    I think a game of pool/billiards a drink and good conversation would be a great first date. If the weather permits maybe fishing and a picnic.

  • Andariel76 ( 40 / M / Hamburg, Hamburg )

    I have no special date idea for a friend, I prefer things spontaneously and not planed. Plans causes useless stress and I want it just relaxed and natural.

  • beachbeauty ( 34 / W / Oceanside, CA )

    Gee, I don't know. Maybe we could meet at the beach or at a cafe.

  • bigjonb82 ( 35 / M / Loyall, KY )

    I like to spend time getting to know my date and go looking at beautiful sights

  • batman360 ( 40 / M / Tulare, CA )

    a good date to me is casual so no tension . i would like to walk on the beach barefoot holding hands being close .get a blanket cuddle talk no worries just be real

  • blondecurlyhair ( 34 / W / Ville Platte, LA )

    Have a Candle light dinner on the beach. Then take a walk and listen to the waves come in. Just the two of us.

  • lizzzz26 ( 30 / W / Davis Wharf, VA )

    reason why....i think spending time at first will give us privacy to get to know each other first before going in crowd

  • CountryCutie81 ( 35 / W / Moorefield, KY )

    I love to fish so I could impress you by baiting my own hook! :-) Or we could just walk around and enjiy the scenery and just talk!

  • stoneyd8000 ( 47 / M / Anderson, IN )

    dinner and a movie of your choice