First Date Ideas

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  • onedad0830 ( 38 / M / Warrenton, OR )

    As long as we are having fun, who cares. Just my opinion.

  • imurs2 ( 41 / M / Bowling Green, KY )

    As long as we connect and have good conversation

  • steelers9714 ( 38 / M / Brooklyn, NY )

    Open for suggestions, wherever she would like to dine, is entirely her decision, even if that means that I have to take a trip out to where she is

  • LadyFarisa ( 22 / W / Brooklyn, NY )

    Anything, Just something simple and fun.

  • Tziggy22 ( 44 / M / Clifton, AZ )

    Dinner out or in just to have a fun good time together!

  • tonytonetone ( 37 / M / Mount Juliet, TN )

    To have fun with you just don't treat me wrong

  • ntkzin ( 33 / M / South Africa )

    my Ideas is to go to meet in s park have a picnic enjoy our self's tslk about beautiful things we want in life play around walk around the park watch the beauty of it

  • fordboy9999 ( 20 / M / Australia )

    To go out at random times go to party's and to have fun and to go out and spend time togevether and have lots of time togevether and have a grate time

  • chocboywonda ( 36 / M / Charlotte, NC )

    I would love to either go out to a place of mutual agreement or a sit down if the whether allows.

  • Takoda_Blacken ( 36 / M / Berea, OH )

    Whatever happens on the first date happens. I'm not going to judge someone for what happens on a date. It will let me have a chance to get to know that person. I would like to have my first date be one outside. Despite t...  read more>>

  • Jasoncesar ( 19 / M / San Francisco, CA )

    It could really be anything. It would all depend on the person and what they were like but also what they hadn't tried before what they were interested in. It would always be exciting and engaging

  • RyanM176 ( 34 / M / Los Angeles, CA )

    I Love being outdoors !! Part of the reasons why I moved to California. At times I like to stay in the house and create my own atmosphere too, especially with some good food, good company. I also love to travel and enjoy...  read more>>

  • covers ( 43 / M / Springfield, MA )

    Maybe dinner or few drinks have a nice conversation and see if it matures into a second date.

  • BeautifilDisastr ( 36 / W / Surprise, AZ )

    I have to be honest, and this is kinda lame I have never been on a real date any relationship that I have had started out as casual friends and then it bacame something, I have technically never dated before.

  • TmaleNwk ( 29 / M / Newark, NJ )

    Just be ourselves just dig deep lol