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  • Kaeiyn ( 44 / W / South Africa )

    On the Red bus into Cot and its surrounds

  • angie1983 ( 31 / W / Worcester, England - Worcestershire )

    Surprise me I love surprises. I have to admit I love my food so that's a good start.

  • vcomp76 ( 39 / M / Hungary )

    My first date ideas is a sea of island. Sailing on the sea and enjoy together. I love the sea and I love the mountain. A wood house my favorite home.

  • nolapeachesbaby ( 45 / W / New Orleans, LA )

    Spoken word venue, dinner and drinks....

  • lisapage ( 43 / W / Richmond, VA )

    Somewhere where me and my date can laugh and talk with no interruptions I want to just focus on my date

  • Gingerkitty72 ( 42 / W / Baltimore, MD )

    Someplace nice and quiet. I want to be able to get to know u without a bunch of distractions.

  • andrewbigheart ( 43 / M / Pearcy, AR )

    Would be so wonderful to be out at night in a wonderful beach or lake with some glasses and bottle of win, actually prefer white wine but wouldn't mind either Red or White wine... With those beautiful scent Candles and s  more>>

  • success_driven ( 34 / M / Troy Grove, IL )

    I have plenty so I do not want to destroy the surprises in store!

  • BlueEyedBaby85 ( 29 / W / Blacksburg, SC )

    Talking Drinking Music Conversation

  • Keiya31 ( 35 / W / Waldorf, MD )

    I don't want to say something way to cheesy but use your imagination. ..

  • jhibbitt ( 21 / W / Bedford, OH )

    I'm not really picky.. Somewhere that allows you to be able to talk and get to know each other a little better

  • Curvy_Kitten ( 45 / W / Cornelius, OR )

    Having a nice dinner getting to know one another. Then figure out what happens afterwards. Just having fun and laughing.

  • Erekae ( 42 / W / Columbus, GA )

    I would love an all day date. That wY we can have it all in one day. Like movies, music, road trip, museums, anything that can help us get to know each other in different environment.

  • CountryGirl82389 ( 26 / W / Bloomingrose, WV )

    I wouldn't mind having dinner and getting to know one another. Going fishing, taking a walk somewhere or watching a game together. Just as long as it's a good opportunity for us to talk and get to know one another.

  • DollyMarie ( 28 / W / Huntington Park, CA )

    I like a date to be fully planned the the guy... And just the typical let do what I want to do ...