Sporting Events My favorite date ideas

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  • Pj562123 ( 31 / M / Whittier, CA )

    Any where we can talk and get to know each other

  • BigJon78 ( 29 / M / Delano, CA )

    My first date.. some where we can have a conversation, because people forgot how to talk to each other. And a little dancing would hurt.. salsa!! Dinner and movie would be cool too..

  • crazystarz ( 34 / W / Victorville, CA )

    Get to knw eachother in a calm setting over drinks. Or maybe show me how 2 upload photos because cant seem 2 figure it out...

  • kncos5 ( 27 / W / York, ON )

    A walk along the waterfront or grab a coffee at a cute little coffee shop!

  • handy12000 ( 41 / M / Fontana, CA )

    Go out for dinner or a movie or coffee.

  • FSnooky ( 61 / W / Cypress, CA )

    My first date idea is have lunch or dinner and then going to a baseball game. I love going to watch baseball games and being able to share the experience with someone special would make the time go much nicer.

  • cavasquez ( 50 / W / Middletown, PA )

    Would enjoy a nice quiet place to sit and have a nice conversation. Or a football game! LOL

  • cal1990 ( 25 / W / Stockport, England - Greater Manchester )

    football math with plenty of snacks and boose then dinner and a good old chin wag

  • CarolynTn44 ( 50 / W / Hendersonville, TN )

    Picnic in the park or nice dinner where we can talk and see if we click.

  • thomas9444 ( 21 / M / Imperial, MO )

    My first date would be skating dinner

  • betseyville5683 ( 25 / W / Corona, CA )

    Walks on the pier at the beach enjoy each other company talk a bit. Go have dinner. Maybe a game of miniature golf or a movie. A baseball game(:

  • serenitynow ( 42 / W / Fremont, OH )

    The event isn't as important as the company. A hockey or baseball game, traditional dinner and a movie.

  • AzCatFan4 ( 45 / W / Toledo, OH )

    This one I can tackle... I'm game for lots of things...festivals, fairs, baseball games, dinner, movies (though you can't really talk at them) museum, zoo...lots of things. :)

  • ck1987 ( 28 / W / Murdock, NE )

    I wouldn't mind a typical dinner and a movie, cliche date. But I'm also a big sports fan, so I would LOVE a first date to be at a hockey game, or something I've never seen live before, like roller derby.

  • kwameaappiah ( 41 / M / LogroƱo, La Rioja )

    shall we dine an underground restaurant ran by famous chef?