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  • Wcstman (99W/Portland, OR)


    Stop and get something to take along for a picnic, drive to someplace overlooking the ocean and snack while getting to know each other better, then watch the sunset while we talked

  • Crembowl (53W/Newport Beach, CA)


    The beach or Pier. That is where I'm happiest, it's safe and there's a lot to see/do.

  • Deanna78 (35W/Florence, SC)


    go out for dinner and maybe a movie and park later to get to know each other

  • herbsandlemons (25W/Chesapeake, VA)


    Dinner at Beach side restaurant and afterward we chat while walking in the serf. Maybe doing to a museum or gallery.

  • MandyBean (29W/Garrison, MN)


    I think an architectural tour of a near by historical area would be fun, wine tasting, coffee tasting, museum, classic car show. Any chance for actual conversation and something to stimulate it. Sitting by ourselves in a  more>>

  • Bigbooty88 (26W/Central Valley, NY)


    catching an nba game and diner afterwards.

  • Richard22 (24M/East Orange, NJ)


    Walk in the park, lunch in the city, etc.

  • DisneyGirl (30W/Las Vegas, NV)


    I think something fun is always a good thing on a first date because it helps break the ice. I think dinner is outplayed and so is coffee or drinks. It needs to be something that brings out ones true self such as a baseb  more>>

  • HatWoman (52W/Tacoma, WA)


    Take an evening ferry boat ride on Puget Sound on a starry night, followed by a stop at local watering hole or coffee bar.

  • dgold12 (51W/San Antonio, TX)


    I love downtown San Antonio. Dinner and a walk on the River Walk

  • hippyhi5 (25W/London, England - London)


    I really have never been on a proper date with someone genuinely interested in a proper relationship with me so I don't know really, something I can afford I guess, so that cuts out 99% of things I can do...bum around th  more>>

  • cclrncw (45M/Colt, AR)


    how about we have dinner and watch a movie

  • chrys1119 (21M/Long Branch, NJ)


    getting to know each other :)

  • Kizav1521 (37W/Sunset Beach, NC)


    I would love to have a few drinks and take a nice stroll on the beach to get to know each other.

  • Artfox (28M/San Francisco, CA)


    I like to make the first date interesting and fun, maybe boat trip around the bay, and check out a museum afterwards.