First Date Ideas

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  • Pally_65 ( 51 / W / Gillingham, England - Kent )

    Well, my ideal first date would probably be a visit to Cadbury World, or even just a Cadbury shop? Ok, a walk in the park and a large bar of Cadbury chocolate maybe? Ok, if you can't make the date just send the chocolate...  read more>>

  • hewdawg ( 34 / M / Pensacola, FL )

    I love some sugar to start something sweet! My favor place is an informal date for some good conversation and ice cream.

  • Sinamonspicecake ( 25 / W / Henderson, NV )

    I like the idea of going somewhere that is comfortable for both of us...and maybe involves something to eat...nothing heavy, frozen yogurt is usually a favorite.

  • latin6867 ( 43 / W / Kissimmee, FL )

    Like to give surprises and makeuo you confortable

  • Candygirlboo89 ( 19 / W / Springfield, IL )

    Going out to dinner going to the movie we going to the park to walk and talk cooking together

  • bossblackdk ( 37 / M / Baton Rouge, LA )

    Going fa a drink just having fun

  • Siriusme ( 37 / W / New York, NY )

    Ice skating are Rockefeller center

  • Nickhy22 ( 29 / M / Statesville, NC )

    My name is Nick from hickory north Carolina and I'm 28 and single looking for a girlfriend and I'm 511 weight about 180 drown skin sexy ass hell and I'm looking for the same thing

  • Playboyws ( 34 / M / Riverside, CA )

    Going to dinner alot of talking long walk on beach just getting to know each other

  • DesertChaser ( 40 / M / Ridgecrest, CA )

    I don't know about you, but I want ice cream! A person's choice of ice cream says a lot about them. Vanilla is...vanilla. French vanilla, on the other hand.... Think of the former lovers you've had. Their ice cream prefe...  read more>>

  • 626Passion ( 37 / M / Temple City, CA )

    Anything/anywhere quiet and romantic.

  • Deiselman ( 43 / M / Temple Hills, MD )

    Food activities and some quite time on the ocean

  • tonydrum ( 34 / M / Bloomington, CA )

    Nothing to soreal just a lil dinner and maybe a movie

  • CashusMax ( 28 / M / Powder Springs, GA )

    Let's start off getting ice cream have some laughs. We should connect there

  • bananers ( 24 / W / Pasco, WA )

    My idea of a perfect first date is anything original. Think outside the box. Or something as simple as a walk around the park with a picnik at the end. Anything were we can talk and get to know each other. And if there's...  read more>>