Performing Arts

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  • malirozen (24W/New York, NY)


    Opera, performance art, readings, maybe even going to a library?

  • Katiem252000 (25W/Twentynine Palms, CA)


    I feel like first dates are always awkward but it should be somewhere where we can talk and get to know each other. I am a cheap date I prefer the thought over the money spent

  • respectful41 (41M/Tacoma, WA)


    A quiet remote corner in a candle lit room listening to spoken word. We would exchange words of positive reflection relating to a spiritual that is an uplifting design of our true direction in life.

  • johnny718 (27M/Bronx, NY)


    Makeing love after a great meal , Ready for Desert

  • dragonlvr1962 (52W/Carbondale, IL)


    Ok, so I know my favorite place for a date is a renaissance festival, but since those are seasonal, I like anything to do with art, music and dining. Perhaps a trip to look at vintage stores and dinner after? I am flexib  more>>

  • actuallyashley (19W/White Plains, NY)


    I would love to get dinner and see a show of some sort. Whether it be a concert, ballet, movie, or musical, I love it all.

  • James2424 (20M/Attleboro Falls, MA)


    Take toubtobmybhouse so we can do alittle something , or head to your place

  • Aku ingin bertemu dg mu d mato coffy

  • Queen_of_Spades (30W/Los Angeles, CA)


    My idea for a first date is at the theater.

  • munecaquita (36W/Racine, WI)


    .movies .anything wiyh animals. a festival dancing comedy club quite special places Hmm....pertenious I know buy the malll. Lol

  • savier_21 (33M/Hialeah, FL)


    dont give three crap about this move on to the next question

  • 2yumgum (31W/Philadelphia, PA)


    Only one way to find out. You'll see my type of performing art lol

  • marvolous (36W/Houston, TX)


    I don't have one :( I havent been on a date in over 2yrs

  • sweetsue2001 (47W/Mc Kean, PA)


    the first date would be a dinner and movie

  • gloriaremy (22W/Medford, MA)


    Go to Dinner & Movie, for a Walk at the park