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  • janeenlouise ( 39 / W / Houston, TX )

    I love the performing arts. A perfect first date would include tickets to a play, dance, or orchestral performance followed up by a cup of coffee to get to know each other and share our thoughts on the performance.

  • geevee ( 54 / M / Willowbrook, IL )

    Dinner and live theater at the Theater of Western Springs

  • Big_Bi_Ben ( 32 / M / Philadelphia, PA )

    We could go to a Drag Queen show, I love watching Drag Queens. Or another show, if you think men in dresses is too much...of a drag. I'm easy to please, too. A simple dinner or drinks is good with me.

  • Jbelle ( 29 / W / Worcester, MA )

    I love doing different things. we could go grab some sushi, go to poetry or comedy show. I'm down for whatever as long as we can get to know each other while having fun

  • santaman64 ( 35 / M / Spring Hill, FL )

    Movies? Dinner? Sure, those are great, but why not add the performing arts in your life?

  • Bubba1212 ( 66 / M / Portland, OR )

    A glass of wine or drink and getting to know one another. Maybe go see either a play or a movie and then maybe get a coffee to talk some more.

  • imesswiththat ( 21 / M / Laurel, MD )

    Movies Just talking Having fun , im making you laugh and u making me laugh

  • Fcap108 ( 29 / M / Huntington Beach, CA )

    A comedy club would be cool to check out

  • lovelyone408 ( 41 / W / Salinas, CA )

    I believe that it should be where you have the opportunity to talk and get to kneel each other. Going to the movies I think is the worst place to go

  • Oishi636 ( 25 / M / Portland, OR )

    Dinner and a show, (a play, musical, or a movie).

  • Keep_it_Juicy ( 25 / W / Beverly Hills, CA )

    The best date I ever went on was at an Art gallery. It was enticing to have someone who appreciated beautiful thing. Take me to hear live music, a good movie, anything where we can experience culture together and discuss...  read more >>

  • BiggStacks ( 38 / M / Seattle, WA )

    I have no clue it all depends on the situation and our compatible interests.

  • blackflaggg ( 31 / M / Palmdale, CA )

    You can tell a lot about a person by what they find funny.

  • chutchi4 ( 29 / W / Carleton, MI )

    Go out to a play or a musical. Drinks and conversation afterward.

  • hamlet12 ( 48 / M / United Kingdom )

    Leave it for you to choose, a nice meal and drinks and see where we go from there