Errand dating My favorite date ideas

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  • HappyKansas ( 41W / Wichita, KS )


    I have no idea what errand dating is. Do you? Do we do each other's errands? This is probably a good way to get to know someone. You see them driving. Getting irritated. Singing into the mirror at the ATM. Crying because  more>>

  • bigshow69 ( 20M / Dallas, TX )


    With the right woman, I'm willing to treat you to a Golden Coral buffet.

  • EFe12527 ( 40M / Dallas, TX )


    Just for fun Iam in dallas área. Looking for dates

  • Vicious69 ( 35M / Montreal, QC )


    I love non-standard dates. Karaoke ? Skating ? Heck, why wouldn't we go windsurfing ?

  • cjbuckjr ( 26M / Salisbury, NC )


    Multiple things for a first date! Brunch, coffee, maybe shopping, then a movie. A series of different things for a first date can keep conversation flowing more naturally. People are more apt to explain things about them  more>>

  • mdheydon ( 54M / Tulsa, OK )


    A late morning, or early afternoon journey into the brick and mortar stores of Tulsa.

  • bbwlover2315 ( 41M / West Kelowna, BC )


    Meet at any place and discuss what each other is looking for.

  • Brandy07 ( 49W / Indianapolis, IN )


    When I have time for a quicky or more nothing personal

  • KeeganAdams ( 19M / Attica, MI )


    Lunch or going out to get errands or something helpful because I love to help people!

  • honiibee ( 34W / Toronto, ON )


    Drinks and some type of meal Running hobby errands Karaoke lol

  • pipesplaytime ( 28M / London, England - London )


    Something involving fun or laughter, followed by a nice walk

  • SweetTrina100 ( 61W / Camarillo, CA )


    Browsing a local Farmer's Market then heading home to make an awesome salad

  • sexycali ( 37W / Shafter, CA )


    Whatever it takes im down with ..

  • traveling_physio ( 40M / Las Vegas, NV )


    Seriously?!? Why would I take anyone on errands during a date?? "Here, hold these items while I go pick up some milk. Oh, and tell me more about why you want to spend time with me." Ha. Now that's a deal breaker.

  • shaggee ( 47M / Green Bay, WI )


    Well errand date? A trip to the mall? Lol! I guess that leaves me open to shoe shopping!