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Posted on Jan 21, 2009 at 02:04 PM

A ruddy guid time wis had fae all, Ricky wiz up dancin' an' didnae fall, The music wiz blairin' thru the hall, and a few things happened that surprised me... Ricky kin dance!!!, Ricky kin sing!!!, even sis didnae nag the Bob thing, Some o' ma pics are a bit knackered, but at's a'write cos a wiz plastered... For the very first time, heard Kerry singing, but fa's that lad she is out there swinging... The night will be remembered for a time so lang'... Tae all that came, strait fae me... Moran Taing. I have put other pics up of the party at other locations, however, this site doesn't allow for that. I think it is very silly in the extreme, in fact the word I would use is " YOU TUBE "!!! By not allowing us to advertise our other pages, Blogspot and the likes, we wont feel obliged to post a link Their to Here!!! Tis all a bit silly.. Hugz Fae AbzWayne

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