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Posted on Jun 28, 2006 at 08:02 AM

Saw this on a website and thought it was kida cool......... What a Woman Wants Some want a man she Loves Some want a man that Loves her A content woman is expecting both A few want it all But most want it small Simple ... somewhat discrete Exclusive ... but forever concrete Yea, I'm pretty sure She wants her love to be pure After purity comes security And stability Room to expand her ability Hmmm ... what she requests Is a love without guest And without bullet proof vests around her heart Where she's seen as a 'Work of art' Connected, yet apart From the chaos and the work place Where her soul is first place Instead of living the worst case scenario Like a play toy A baby mother Victim of a lady lover Is what she wants not ... By a thread holding on Trampled by a rolling stone She would rather be alone She wants to heal and be healed She wants to love and be loved She wants good conversation That gives confirmation Of her desire to go higher And her need to exceed.

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