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Posted on Mar 21, 2007 at 08:33 PM

Work- Ok so I was hired on at a hotel as a housekeeper by my unkle (the job is really hard on the knees cause I had to get on my hands and knees to scrub the floor, of course my boyfriend teased me about "Earning my living on my knees" He is such a dirty minded man. ) Anyways now I have been given the chance to learn front desk work. I hope I do well because it will give me some of the experience I need. email/im pals- Also an email pal that ignored me for over a year just contacted me the other day. Whats up with him... he seems to think I will just be waiting for him to come back and talk to me or something. Im not shure if I want to talk to him any more. Some of the things he has seid this last time got on my nerves and he really dosnt sound as nice on IM as he did in his emails. Thankfully I do have good news in this area... Im now talking to a very nice gal over IM who has simular views on womens sexuality and we are now having open descutions about things that would probably shock some of our friends. Its proving to be very interesting, fun, and helpfull to have someone who is openminded to talk to about such things. boyfriend- My boyfriend has been really nice. A couple of weeks ago He took me and his mom out for dinner (Love his mom, she is so nice and fun) and then took us to the mall to shop for shoes. Also last week he took me to the movies and bought dinner. This week we stayed in but he brought back a blow up purple flower that squeaks when you squease it (although as much as I appriciate the thought, its huge and I have no idea where to put the dam thing) and a cute little key chain (what can I say, he works at a movie theater and spends to much time playing in the arcade during breaks). We also have been haveing lots of fun sexually too... all I will say is I have now steamed up some car windows and he has a remote to one of my new toys. so I have an easyer drive to get their I love a lot of their stuff even though I usually have to try on a few things to find my size (like a new brown top, pink tank with lace and a black tank with lace ). They are cheaper than a lot of plus size stores to so that makes me happy . So now I feel like I am in heaven cause all my favorite stores (Torrid, Lane Bryant, Deb's, Fashion Bug, and JC Pennys) are in driving distance. I got a lot of new clothing cause JC Pennys had some nice stuff in their plus size section and I of course when to Deb's for their grand opening. I think I spent to much money. Oh well whats the use of haveing it if you cant spend it. Im going to add a pict of one of the things I got from Pennys. They are so cute! Unfortunatly they dont have everything online ( the top with the butterflys is a diffrent style in the plus sizes but it has the exact same fabric... I actually think its more cute than the one they have in the pict) So thats it. Thanks everyone for the congradulations you gave me about the job.

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