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Posted on Mar 19, 2007 at 12:06 PM

it's a shame that sdlrglady was not happy and was often bombarded by perves and didn't get the person she wanted here. i'm sorry to see her leave discouraged. i'm sure she'll find her true love soon. i don't let me not finding someone immediately get me down or bother me. you've got to carefully look through the barrel of apples to find a good one. in fact on today, (speaking of perves) a guy left me a chat message saying he liked my profile and the type of woman i am. nice to know, but as i read on, he had the gall to ask if i had any TOYS!!!! geeeez. anyway, i've come to the conclusion, that if i do meet someone here (or elsewhere) that i do enjoy myself here at LF and i look forward in reading and sometimes contributing to the blogs and forums. i actuality, way in the back of my mind, i really don't count in finding that special someone in my life, here or elsewhere, but i can continue to try and make friends here while trying.

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