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Posted on Feb 24, 2007 at 11:46 AM

The Why's of Men and Women Over a hundred and eighty years have passed since the birth of Susan B. Anthony,a woman who became very concerned over the discrepancy between the wages of a man and a woman. She supported increased pay and equal rights for women, strove to outlaw slavery and campaigned diligently-against much opposition, for the rights of women and blacks. She spent her life trying to get an ammendment passed giving women the right to vote. She fought for equal rights for women-in marriage,the ballot box, property rights, the right to keep her children, and for women's rights in the work force so that women would not be forced to spend their lives subservient to men or working on the streets as prostitutes to support themselves. Here we are now, a hundred years after her death and her legacy remains. Women and blacks now have the right to vote,own property,keep their children, and divorce and marry. However, there still seems to be a vast discrepancy in the pay allotted to men and women. According to US Census Bureau statistics, the average earnings for FEMALE high school GRADUATES (with no college) working full time in 1991 were $18,042. Those of MALE high school DROPOUTS working full-time were $20,944. Those positions traditionally held by women were all grouped at the low end of the pay scale, while traditional men's jobs, even those that require very similar educational requirements, effort and experience on the job, are paid more. Even though a secretary is as vital to a company and she is equally as important as a truck driver, she is routinely paid less than the truck driver. Today women are still less than 10% of all lawyers, federal judges and doctors, yet women represent 51% of the US population. More men are also replacing women in top positions in social work, elementary schools and secondary schools,libraries and nursing--once thought to be women's fields. During the course of one's lifetime, earnings of women are dramatically impacted by the wage gap. The average woman is shortchanged $420,000 in salary and even more considering her pension is based on these unfair earnings. Susan B. Anthony-your lifetime of work will not be in vain. I for one will stand up and fight for equal rights and equal pay for women. I believe that all people should have equal rights-the right to be a non-working partner in a relationship, the right to be a working partner, the right to marry,divorce,have children and receive equal pay. Some people may believe that in this day and age that a woman at home tending to the children, house and partner is rather ludicrous. I am an assertive liberated women and support those who are assertive, ambitious, try to better themselves and their families and who support the furthering of equal rights for women. There is a difference however, between an assertive person and one who is overly aggressive, manipulative, a control freak, demeans others (in an unjoking fashion), or who exhibits self deluded arrogance. Since women are no longer confined to the home, many are diligent hard workers who are singlehandedly supporting a family, why are men still making more than women? Hopefully some day we will see equal pay for men and women.

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