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Posted on Mon, Sep 04, 2006 07:10

Ok so I took a break from school... the stress, lack of sleep, and lack of free time got to me. Unfortunatly work decided to take advantage of it and I have to work a lot of overtime so I have all the stress and lack of free time but i have more cash to... I am still looking for a diffrent job though. As far as my love life?... WELL... My friend had me go on a double date with her, her boyfriend, and his best friend. Hes not cute at all... well eccept for his beautiful blue eyes. He is also nice (a little nerdy to but thats ok... I can be nerdy to), polite (good oldfashion maners, opens doors for you, carries stuff for you, and walks on the side that the traffic is on, ect...). Anyways I feel more comfortable with him than I have with any guy ever... Im not very tochy feelly... Im just not use to being physicaly close to men but by the end of the night we were cuddling close to each other. And while he is not good looking I find him attractive anyways. The only problem is he lives to far away! Oh shure he lives around St.Louis but thats still far when you dont have time during the week and you sleep through most of the weekend. My other freind also knows a guy that lives closer but shes not shure if I would like him... again its the friend of the guy she likes... AHHHH! She probably wont try to hook us up now because I told her about the guy in St. Louis but I just have to wonder... should I go the easyer rout and find a guy who I would be able to see more often or do I stick with the one I already know Im comfortable with.

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Posted on Tue, Sep 05, 2006 15:26

I don't know about you, but if I felt comfortable with the first guy, then I would not try to date the second guy just because he lived closer. For one, the second guy knows that you may be interested in the first guy. To me, that means that the second guy is not really interested in finding someone that he wants to build a relationship with, he is looking for someone who does not want a serious relationship. Secondly, you said that you felt very comfortable with the first guy. More comfortable than you have ever felt with someone. You also said that he treated you like a lady and was very affectionate and nice to you. I have read many of your posts for quite a few months. From your posts, I get the idea that you have not been with men who have treated you as well as the first guy did. Could it be that you are thinking of dating the second guy because you are not used to being treated so nicely and that you are really away from a man that "might" be who is best for you? Just a thought. You may have to schedule your time to be with the first man, but it may be well worth it. He may be the one. If you and he don't hit it off long enough to discover that he isn't the one, at least you will know what it is like to be treated like a lady. And believe me, after being treated well, there is NO GOING BACK to what you had before. Good Luck in making your decision.

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