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Who ARE these people? Posted on Nov 06, 2007 at 02:38 AM
Who ARE these people that post blogs for us to read-- well, DECIPHER is more like it!?
APOLOGY 2 Travel Nanny Posted on Sep 27, 2007 at 07:17 PM
Ease into it, girl. Don't try so hard. Not all of us are heathens that need saving. I have my faults, mind you, and so do my neighbors. Thanks for trying to help us, but it IS a bit much. (That's a MILD version of what I originally wrote...) **I've revised my blog here b/c I think what I originally wrote is rude, now that I've had some time to think it over. My apologies, sincerely, if I've insulted anyone on the subjects prior to. I should have kept my nose out of it anyway, as I didn't even know what blogs everyone was talking about. I still don't, b/c apparently, they've been removed. So, in good faith, I apologize to Travelnanny if I've insulted her, and I hope to keep an open dialogue with her.
Lousy Bar Hopper Posted on Sep 24, 2007 at 01:12 AM
Can you guys give me some pointers??!! I was going to pull a short shift at the hospital this Sat. nite, but it was cancelled, so I had a free night! I was going to go out with a friend, but she couldn't, so I hung out with her for an hour and a half, and then around midnite, I drove to a bar. I actually got out, walked in....and then turned around and walked right back out! I drove to Taco Bell, got a meal, because that was TOTALLY humiliating. Then drove to ANOTHER bar, and only made it to the parking lot-- where I didn't even park! So, I just went on home and had my dinner. I was TOTALLY chicken! Does anyone out there go to bars alone? Is it safe? Do you meet people? It's in a decent neighborhood. I do think I went too late in the evening to really make a go at it. Next time, I thought I might go around 8 or 9. But beyond that, I am a lost cause. I haven't been out in this capacity in over 13 years! And I've NEVER been somewhere alone. I'm chicken. Any ideas, people?
To: vulcan2000 Posted on Aug 19, 2007 at 01:58 PM
sure. we can chat. im not a full member, but we can chat through the blogs here. if u want. im at work right now, so i can't write too much. but i thought i'd drop a few lines. your profile is very vague. what do you mean by just "casual"? a geting to know u type thing? if so, then that's fine with me. i'm really here for the same thing. hope 2 hear from you. truefriendinme
Accepting our physical selves... Posted on Aug 10, 2007 at 06:44 AM
Ok. This might be REALLY personal for some people. But I think I need some help on this particular subject: Sex I am a 34 y.o female, single for quite a while now, even while I was married (if u catch my drift...). I have put on weight since first getting married, and having children and going through 13 years of a marraige I hated. So, needles to say, I am uncomfortable with my body. I am trying to change what I can, but in the mean time, I would like to better accept my physical self. I want to be comfortable with ME if I were to come across someone with whom I might consider sexual relations. Writing this makes me want to cry, because it is not something I talk about with anyone. And I've only recently come to realize how much I've neglected myself while in my (unhappy) marraige. So, I have serious doubts I will ever attain a pretty figure again, and I have a very hard time accepting myself, as I am. Besides the typical advice (diet and exercise, which I am trying to do--but it's really hard), does anyone have any advice? How do you come to that place in your heart/mind where you can totally accept yourself? I really need this at this time in my life. So, if anyone has any good suggestions, please let me know. And thanks for trying to help! ;) ****new****** Oh, Wow. I didn;t expect people to actually respond, but this is wayyyyyyy cool! And appreciated! That body Positive source is nifty. I will check it out. Thanks for all the up-lifting advice, guys. I hope I come to terms with the things I cannot change soon! And change those I can! I'm certainly trying! Thanks, again...