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What's in a nickname!! Posted on Feb 02, 2009 at 06:53 AM

There's something reassuring about a nickname.¿ Ok... Not always, some nicknames can be hurtful and mean.¿ But within a family or close friends, a nickname can be a sign of affection.


Petale has been my nickname for as long as I can remember.¿ My real name is Chantale.¿ It only had two syllables, tale means nothing, not really a nick name and chant couldn't be either because it's the verb to sing in french.¿ So having no possibility for play on my name, my brother came up with the nickname petale as a rime and it stuck.¿


When my mother was alive I knew what she wanted just by the way she'd use my nickname.¿ Chantale was for when she was in a hurry¿or¿correcting behaviour.¿ (She did a lot of that, LOL).¿ Petale was when she was happy about something I did, proud of me or just glad I was her daughter.¿With the years, the nickname evolved.¿ After I moved out, whenever I'd come home, I'd hear her say petale de rose (rose petal) and I knew she was happy to see me.¿ If she needed a favor, it was Petale d'amour (love petal) on that tone that still ring like a fond memory to my ear.¿

My sibblings still use those in the exact same situations, as if they felt the intention behind the use of the nickname and copied it without thought.


What is your nickname?¿ Do you have one for others you use with a meaning behind it?¿ I love stories like that... don't be shy tell me.

In house survey!! Posted on Jan 31, 2009 at 09:04 PM

Is it me or do most men in here wear fur on their faces.?

I have sensitive skin and get a reaction every time I kiss a guy with facial hair... so imagine if things go further.? I end up at the doctor for a prescription of cream that cures skin irritation and that's not the only reason I like closely shaved men.? A nice shaved face, smooth to the touch and to my lips. I'm up to the point that if I see the guy has hair on his face, I'll skip, because on top of everything, they seem to be emotionally attached to those little tuffs of hair that makes them look older and dirty as far as I'm concern.???


What's this new fad with men wearing hair on their face.? Don't they have enough everywhere else.? It comes in everywhere shape and forms these days.? A bit here, a lot there, long, short and designed.?????


I'm curious to know if I'm the only women around here who likes her men shaved.? About you guys???

Best in bed?? Posted on Jan 26, 2009 at 08:25 AM
I've read here and other places that larger women are better in bed!! Ladies, why do you think that perception exists?? Is it founded or is it an urban legend?? Gentlemen, are larger women really better in bed? I'd like to hear the point of view of your gender on that. Afterall you're the ones with the data for comparaison. lol
Cheers to the women!!! Posted on Jan 18, 2009 at 08:40 PM
Here's part of what I wrote in an answer to a blog. Thought I would post is as a blog and elaborate on it. I've been on dating sites for about 10 years now. Have very few good experiences and still give it a try from time to time. I give up for long period because of the feeling sometimes of being on a meat market. I feel like I don't matter. Then I got here... a little over a year ago. At first I was looking at profiles and being a dutifull single woman looking for a companion. Then I started blogging... and the whole part of this site about dating went on the back burner. What made me stay here are the women I read here. Through numerous blogs or comments, I've discovered a great bunch of women. They don't know me, I don't know them, but somehow I wish I could go for coffee with a few of them and chat until I have no voice left.... The way they express themselves, I feel close to them. They are intelligent and articulate, they have wisdom, insight and compassion and are terribly open about their feelings and emotions. They know the meaning of respect for others as well as for themselves. I've been surprise by how convivial the atmosphere is around these premises. No screams, fights or arguments, even the dissagreements are civil... just an exchange between great minds. I said the women, because the blogs are mostly the women's domain. There are a few good men around but they are just so smart, thoughtfull and tactful that I sometimes forget they are not women... hehehehe So to all the great women I've read here, I'll raise my glass to you and thank you for the good times I've had and the ones to come.
Why wait for sex!! Posted on Jan 06, 2009 at 09:27 PM
I've read a lot of blogs and comments about having or not having sex on the first date. Here's my take on the subject if anyone wants to know. For me it's about quality of sex, not quantity. Let's say you have a first date, you like him, you feel he likes you, you have sex together and you get the physical release... Now let's say you have the same first date, you like him, you feel he likes you, you don't have sex. You see him again and you feel more attracted, he thinks you have have a beautiful smile. You go home and think of him before falling asleep, he goes home and think you're a nice women. You both think the good night kiss was nice. Then the third date, more kissing, more urgency in them. You definitely like him... Funny how he didn't notice before how gorgeous you are. It's about anticipation. There is great pleasure in this. Everyone that knows will tell you sex in a great part mental. When you don't have sex on the first date you think about how it will be, how you'll feel, you imagine your first night together in great details, you are both more excited about it then you would have ever been if you had slept together on the first date. There's a good chance that this first night will rock both your boats because you waited and wanted and anticipated it. This is what is all about... It's about wanting eachother like you've never wanted anyone or anything in your life. It's about thinking about him every minute of everyday for wanting to be with him in that way. It's about wanting him, not having him and looking forward to having him. It's like Christmas gifts. You know you're going to get them... you know when you're getting them... and you can't wait for them. That's my theory... and so far, from my experience, it works. Listen to grandma Chantale and her years of experience... hehehehehehe Tell me about yours!!!