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Groundhog Day 60 Views 02/01/10

February 2nd always reminds me of that Bill Murray movie Groundhog Day.  Christmas reminds me of It's a Wonderful Life.  July 4th reminds me of Independence Day (Will Smith).  When different holidays or dates come around, are you reminded of any particular movie?

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Do you wink at everyone? 165 Views 01/31/10

While winks are a great way to find out if someone's interested, why do I feel like some of the guys who send winks are just winking away at every profile they open?  It's like they have a tic and they're winking uncontrollably.

Do you wink at folks with whom you have things in common or do you play the odds and wink at everyone?

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Bad Spellers of the World, Untie! 109 Views 01/26/10

I remember the days of the typewriter.  I would sit at that thing, confident that I had typed out a masterpiece...only to find 60 billion typos in the first paragraph.  Then, came Wite Out and erasable cartridges and word processors and then came Word.  (Sure, I am skipping steps but this is my story.)

With the advent of Word, came auto-correct, and I started looking less like the typo queen, and more like a proficient typist.  But, auto-correct and spell check and grammar check can only do so much.  There's still the pesky fact that the computer can't read my mind.

I once typed a report that stated the subject couldn't complete specified tasks because he was blond.  Spell check approved. Of course, he was a dark-haired man who was blind, but spell check didn't catch that.  But, even though my faithful spell check has been unable to save me from myself, it's made me (and others) too dependent.  I curse sites, such as these, which do not prompt me to correct my errors.  (Oh, how dependent I've become on the green and red squiggly lines!)

But, all that aside, when did people stop learning homonyms in school?  When did too, to, and two become interchangeable?  When did their, they're, and there become synonymous? And, why is it that kind of became kind've and should've became should of? Was it when text-speak/LOL-speak became so prevalent? 

I am not above making mistakes.  I'm not implying perfection in my blogs.  However, it's been bothering me lately when I read profiles.  Shall I just abandon looking for Prince Spelling or Lord Grammar and just settle for there next of kin?


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Don't touch. 154 Views 01/24/10

People seem to have this mistaken notion that they can touch whomever they please.  When I was pregnant, I had one woman come up and touch my stomach and I almost slapped her.  I started wearing really baggy clothes so it wasn't obvious.  You would think that when the pregnancy ended, so would the touching.  But, it ain't so.

I usually wear my hair pulled up because strangers seem to have a compulsion to touch it when it's loose. I try not to wear clothing with textures because people come up and want to feel the fabric.  I take a lot of precautions against people touching me.  But, this weekend, I went to a wedding where some old biddy came up and touched me even when I asked her to stop 3x.  It took everything I had to get up and walk out before I ruined the reception. I was seeing red. 

I have a sister who begins cursing people when she's touched.  I have a friend who does the same.  I'm not that bad; I will politely ask the person to stop before I lose it.  But, I'm wondering if anyone else has a problem with strangers touching them.  Or, are you one of those compulsive touchers?  And, when did it become OK for folks to touch whomever without so much a second tought?

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This or that? 89 Views 01/20/10

Sometimes, my brain needs little fuel to rocket into tangential thoughts.  I was watching a Grey's Anatomy rerum and the cow/pig question got me to thinking...

If you had to choose, without thinking about it, which would you choose? So, I have a list of this or that options that might help us all get to know more about one another.  Feel free to pick any pairs and/or to add your own. They're just random pairs. (I'll place my choice in parentheses.)

hot dog or burger? (burger)

ketchup or mustard? (either)

heels or flats? (heels)

sneakers or flip-flops? (sneakers)

salsa or queso? (queso)

car or truck? (car)

plane or train? (train)

2%, whole, or skim? (2%)

Shakespeare or Koontz? (Koontz)

movie or play? (movie)

Play-doh or Silly Putty? (Play-doh)

mani or pedi? (pedi)

beer or wine? (neither)

diamonds or pearls? (diamonds)

carnivore or vegan? (carnivore)

winter or summer? (winter)

watermelon or canteloupe? (watermelon)

book or Kindle? (book)

Ebay or Amazon? (Amazon)

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Community vs Love Search 119 Views 01/19/10

I've noticed that on this site, there are a few people who buy into the community idea.  They read blogs, comment on them, and share thoughts.  To those of you who are regular visitors to my random thoughts on screen, I appreciate that you humor my ramblings and honor me with your insight.

I think those folks tend to share thoughts and ideas because they buy into the community aspect of the LF site.  Most folks, though, tend to view this as merely a means to an end -- the hookup/love match/soulmate discovery.  It leads me to wonder why do some folks believe that the search for love/lust precludes the ability to make friends?  Is it that most members don't realize that blogs are a way to get to know others? Is it that pickup lines are best shared one-on-one? Is it that thinking is overrated nowadays?  Or is there some more simplistic explanation?


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Why would you wink at someone when your profile is hidden? 179 Views 01/18/10

I've gotten quite a few winks recently from men whose profiles are hidden.  Let me tell ya something, fellas... if you hide your profile from me, I'm not ever going to send you a pic, a wink, nor an email.

I don't reply to requests for photos.  This is especially true if you are some random stranger lurking on the site.  This is doubly true for illiterate lurking strangers.  Call me what you may, I think the title on my profile pretty much sums it up.

Is anyone else bothered by winks from hidden profiles? Does anyone think I am being too picky?  Anyone awake? ;-)


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Just because they MAKE it in your size... 180 Views 01/17/10

I've been known to squeeze into a pair of jeans that might be a little too snug and a skirt that might be a little to short but, believe it or not, I love the way my legs look in 3" heels and a mini and sometimes, I like the way the jeans fit. After all, we all know that big girl fashions have come a long way from the days of double-knit polyester pants and muumuus. Big girl fashions now run the gamut of fashion styles that all the waifs on the runway model.  It's liberated many of us and allowed us to express ourselves through fashion. BUT...

Does there ever come a point at which you have to speak honestly to yourself and say, "Just because they make this in my size does NOT mean that I need to wear it." I've stopped myself from buying some skimpy outfits with that statement to myself.  But, I've also wanted to stop others on the street and say it to them.  I know, I's judgmental.  But, let's be realistic. There is a difference between a muffin top and a belly that's undergoing mitosis.  There is a difference between showing cleavage.There's a difference between stretchy denim and denim screaming at the seams.

Do you believe that there comes a point at which big folks (yes, this includes men), should step away from the clothing rack and just say no?

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Why don't you post a pic? 112 Views 01/16/10

After receiving many photo requests which I ignored, I was asked (in another blog) why I don't post a pitcure of myself.  Although I touch on that in my profile, it boils down to the desire to have a meeting of the minds before there is ever an opportunity to involve lust.  I don't post a photo because I believe that if someone online is going to be attracted to me, (s)he will do it because I have a fabulous sense of humor, a quick wit, and some modicum of intelligence.  I don't really care about gender, beauty, money, clothing, etc., etc.  When I cuddle up at night with another human being, our naked bodies touching, and whispering pillow talk til we fall asleep, all the things a photo can capture are unimportant. 


Yes, I believe that some folks don't post a pic because they're hiding from their husbands/wives/children/bosses.  Some may be too insecure, too pretty, too self-conscious, too whatever... So, I want to know from everyone out there, why do you choose to post (or refrain from posting) a picture in your profile? 

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BBW vs SSBBW -- what's it matter? 285 Views 01/15/10

I've been asked before if I am a BBW or a SSBBW.  And, I often ask, what's it matter?  Am I incorrect or does BBW not mean BIG beautiful woman?  Big is big.  I'm not a McDonald's shake.  I don't come in large or supersize. 

Ask a man if he has a large phallus and he won't ask if you mean big or supersized because to them, big is big.  We don't ask women if they have large breasts or supersized breasts.  So, why then, would we need the distinction between a big woman and a supersized woman?  It's not as though there's a disctinction for men.  I've never seen a BHM and SSBHM disctinction.

Perhaps it's just that I don't understand.  I'd love to be better informed if anyone has information.

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Open-minded nonsmoking femmes? 90 Views 01/13/10

As I perused some profiles today, I noticed that many women who tend to be open-minded about their sexuality tend to be closed-minded about smoking.  Was it just the random sample of females whose profiles I checked or is every woman who's looking for a femme fatale wishing her to be smoke-free?

I am sure that most folks tend to prefer to go with a healthy lifestyle choice and therefore prefer non-smokers.  However, on a site dedicated to those of us who obviously have an food addictions (yes, I am a food addict), it seems kind of odd that the nicotine addiction seems to be taboo. Is it truly so?

I always find it hard to believe that a group seeking mainstream acceptance would exclude another group that's been shunned. Is it too much to expect tolerance across the labels?  Or, could it be that the smoking population amongst the liberal females tends to be such a small percentage that no one's ever run into this blockade.  hmmm...

Of course, this may just all be a series of questions brought on by sleep deprivation but, I'm interested to know if anyone's noticed/cared about/disproved my rantings on this subject.

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When do you give up? 245 Views 01/02/10
After weathering the storms in a relatinship, when do you let go? When do you stop taking the calls and stop caring about the other person as a friend, and not a lover? Is it better to end all contact or to try to be adults and continue with the friendship? Or...ddo you just give up? With the new year comes the desire to let go of the same old hurts and the same old triggers. I'd just like to know what others think.
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