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How important is kissing to you Posted on Sep 19, 2009 at 06:59 AM
I was reading comments in another blog about passion.And Babycakes was talking about if a man kisses the way she likes,that got me thinking about what really makes a great kiss and how important is it that your mate kisses well.For me you can tell so much about someone from their kiss,kissing for me is one of the most intimate acts 2 people can share.You can certianly feel if someone is passionate about you by the way they kiss you.But can you tell how good a lover they will be by the way they kiss? And how important is it to you that your partner is a great kisser ?Will you not continue seeing someone if they don't kiss the way you like ? or would you try and teach them to kiss you the way you prefer,if you like evrything else about them ? As for me it makes a big difference that a women kisses very well.I like a woman who allows me to take the lead when we kiss,at least at first,this way I can see how willing she is to either accept my advances or slow things down.I do love those deep,long,wet,slow kisses that last for 3 days ! Ok not for 3 days actually but you get my meaning I hope,and thank you to Kevin Costner for that discription of a great kiss.It's from the movie "Bull Durham",and I have never heard it described better.I must say that when I kiss my tongue does have a mind of its own,is this good or not so good to you ? I certainly am interested to hear the different opinons on this subject.
Hey all it has been awhile !! Posted on Jul 22, 2009 at 12:18 AM
I miss the fun times we used to have talking on this site.And since true sent me a message to ask how I was doing "very kind of you true"I thought I'd come back and see how everyone is doing these days.Anybody heard anything from honeybiscuit or wild lately ? So it looks like I"ll be coming back around to stir up some trouble which I used to be so good at !!!!!!!!!