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Just a silly question? Posted on Sat, Sep 15, 2007 04:31
I was clicking through all the stuff and links etc on this wee site and decided to pop online to the chat box provided.Once I got there thought I might have a little look at the profiles and where people came from yadda yadda yadda as u do.To discover I was blocked by some one I have never even spoken to that I knew of , or even conversed with.I thought this was absolutly hilarious.However as i ventured through my usual saunter through the links , the char name rang a bell.It so happens I made a comment on his blogg.Nothing obscene or detrimental in any way just ansering a question he had put out to all of us out there .So this is really in the hope that he might read this comment and grow up.If u ask on a public forum as this appears to be for users of this site, u open urself up to others interpretation of what ur question seeks.Just because you do not like the opinnion of that user u block them.Dearie me how sad and closed minded is tht.But I have to thank you for the giggle none the less , as it reminded me of how incredibly imature and childish some men can be when they do not get there own way,even down to a simple reply to a question.So. before other members of the male species take a hissy fit on me.I do realise that this kinda behaviour is only in a few so please do not be ofended.This was just me airing a view and was wondering if anyone else had experianced the same response.