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Greetings to all Posted on Dec 24, 2008 at 02:29 PM
Merry Christmas to All. May the Holidays bring you joy and happiness now and for the comming New Year. Here is a Big hug for those who Have no one to lean on. I raise my glass to toast: "May old freinds,new freinds gathered together with you ,remember those be only absent in presence not spirit!"
Lapband update # 6 Posted on Dec 16, 2008 at 03:13 PM
Howdy all. For those folks here who may have read my previous posts on this subject. bear with me. As of October of last year 2007 I was at or around 450 pounds through the next few months I have traveled on the journey to loose my self .Or rather I say loose half of me. Here is a update... as of last Wensday I have lost a rough total of over 70 pounds. The reason is it a rough total is I was so large the doctor's scale was too small I could not get a accurate weight. I figure I was around 440 pounds. Now through Diet, Exersize and the band I have gotten down to 363.4 at the last weighin. For those who are weighing the optiom of having surgury. all I can say that It is not a "majical cure" there are life style changes that must be takin in account. With the lapband you must Chew your food Very, Very well, or risk spending several hours in extreme Discomfort. when the stomach opening gets blocked. One must take their time and eat very slowly. A cheese sandwich that took only a minute to eat, Before the band takes around 20 minutes to eat. You might ask why if all the hassel did I do the lapband All I can say is that now I can see my feet with out leaning out over a vast expanse of belly. Also now I can find clothes that half way fit with out using several acres of fabric to make the garment.Plus when I find the right Lady I might have a chance of catching her if she runs. LOL.
My New Year Resolutions Posted on Dec 16, 2008 at 02:49 PM
My New Years resaloutions in no particular order are...1] To loose a nother 65 pounds by next December, [2]To find a new job ( being Out of work and broke Bites),[3] To find a special Lady to spend time with(tired of being alone!!!)[4]To get a whole new wardrobe. (Because if I lose another 65 pounds with the previous 60+ pound loss this year. nothing will fit, Nothing all ready fits(too lose allready )[5]Make new freinds and have a social life!! So now that you know mine let me hear yours.
Frugal Holidays Posted on Nov 21, 2008 at 09:08 AM
With the Economic uneasiness of the past few months has caused me to ponder many things.I have come to the conclusion .That most of the things"we" get from others at the holidays time is all commercial Hype and you spend way too much time and money getting those things.Only to have them get relegated to the bottom of the closet because the really got tired of it or the refuse bin because it broke only after two days. As some of you know I have been out of work for over a year. Christmas was good last year every one got things , but with a catch I got them things that they really could use. Spending less than 20 dollars each I made up Sewing kits for each of the folks on my list. You get 1 spool of thread in black, white ,tan,green, blue and green. Along with that you get several packages of assorted buttons and a package of needles and a small case to store it in. To make a travel size case get a smaller storage box and use bobbins of thread instead of the larger spools.Or if you can bake something for your friends instead of buying it. Every body has something yummy that they can bake and the cost will be a lot less and those who get the items you bake should be just as happy or more that you actually took the time to personally make something for them.
Happy Veterans Day Posted on Nov 11, 2008 at 01:59 PM
To all those who are military Veterans... Happy Veterans day!!
Happy Birthday Marines Posted on Nov 10, 2008 at 03:37 PM
From a former Marine to all who have served and to all who are serving now.HAPPY 233Rd BIRTHDAY, MARINES AND SEMPER FIDELIS!
"IKE" and afterwards Posted on Sep 14, 2008 at 03:47 PM
For those who haven't been keeping up with the news lately Texans and our Cajun neighbors to the east this weekend got slammed hard by Hurricane "IKE" Although ( he) "IKE" was listed as a Category 2 hurricane He was one mile shy of being a Cat.3 hurricane.Where I am I only suffered 1 felled oak tree and a few broken branches on other trees . Although the worst was not having power since 2AM Saturday till Sunday around 10Am .I quess I am lucky no major holes in my body ,(except for where the chainsaw cut through my jeans leg . leaving two shallow, 2 inch cuts in my knee, I now have power so the things that I need are up and running(AIR CONDITIONING!!!) and the well for water. The news outlets are saying that a lot of other areas are still without power. Roughly 1.89 million electric customers ( roughly 4 million people )are without power. So keep them and the relief workers in your prayers.
Lap Band Update# 4 Posted on Aug 30, 2008 at 07:09 PM
For those who have followed my progress with the lap band success's and upsets. Here is a update.In my last blog Lap band #3. I left off with the doctor not able to find the fill port after 20 times with a 14 gage Needle 4 1/2 long and being wiggled around . the doctor stopped and tells ,me I have to get X-rays to see if the port has flipped over. I went to the local hospital nearby.(All I can say is that they have a nice looking big building and not much else good about this hospital.) Well after 300 dollars of inconclusive X-Rays (I really think the tech was a Student because they had to take about 15 shots and they still could not tell if the port had flipped)Well about 3 weeks later. Friday I Had to set up a Fluoroscope session with the hospital that did the Lap band(different hospital) with in 30 minutes they had the located the band, and the doctor was able to fill it to get the band adjusted. Only problem is I think the doctor may have adjusted it too far in.Today was the first day after the adjustment.It did not go well. For those who have the band know what fun it is when the food gets where it wont go down or up. After 3 hours Finally got relief. after had talked to a man about a BUICK.Now I am feeling a little better. All this because of a piece of food the size of your thumb nail.
Demise of front porches Posted on Aug 23, 2008 at 08:33 AM
Recently several events in my life have got me to thinking about front porches. Not the minuscule entry ways that now appear on so many of the cookie cutter homes. But big honking front porches with the suspended swing seat. Where you could watch life go by .Chat to you neighbors.Drink your favorite iced beverage. The one that from her front perch the nosy neighbor could get word to your folks faster than a speeding bullet. Notification to your parents.That you were misbehaving and in to hooliganism.We as a society wonder why crime has risen. I feel it is in part because you don't know who your neighbor are. Because we now run and hide in our air conditioned , socially insulated homes.Having little social interactions with our neighbors. A report in the news recently that police has found a deceased woman(6 months) in her home.Police were called after , because the utilities lines easement had to be cleared and lines upgrades.The repair crews had to notify the home owner's about the impending work.To make a long story short none of her neighbors ever checked up on her. They complained about the tall grass in her yard to others. but none never went to ask if she needed help with the cutting the grass. If they would have had front porches and used them this might have prevented. Because if you know whom your neighbor is.You will be able to figure out if that moving truck parked at your neighbors is really moving them or in the process of robbing them. TO illustrate the point I remember years ago while at collage. I lived in the dorm. I was the type when I heard a noise I'd look out to see what it was .Well the guy next door got upset.Because I had always done this.One day he confronted me(REALLY NASTILY)So I told him OK . I won't.Between the confrontation and next morning he got robbed.He came back crawling and asking. If I had seen anything. I told him no because you were so upset about me seeing who came and went down the halls.I heard noise from his room. But, since the (NICE TALK ) we had had did not check. I guess what I am trying to say is (NO ONE IS AN ISLAND).We all must look after our neighbors. Because, If you don't who will look after you ? When you are in need ? Or when you are away from your home?
Beer Goggles Posted on Aug 20, 2008 at 11:32 PM
Well it is official there is really such a thing from an article.SO we all have an answer the age old question is there such a thing as BEER GOGGLES.
Scars that you can't see. Posted on Aug 11, 2008 at 09:01 PM
Recently several events have made me ponder this Question. Which does more harm to a person in a relationship. Is it the physical abuse or is it the scars that you can't see unless you really look. The emotional and psychological scars that poison a relationship and a persons spirit. I know from my child hood that the scars on the spirit never really heal, without professional help. I also know that Women who are in a Abusive relationship keep thinking," I can't leave him, no body Will want me". " He says he is sorry and he won't do it again"."Or it was my fault, I made him mad". Or "Nobody else will love me". The reason is that their self esteem has been ground down by the abuser by all the negative snide remarks. "So that they the abused see no other option except to stay and pray the he will change. All I can Say if you suspect abuse stand up for the one who is being abused.Be friend to that person support them any way you can. Tell them you can call at any time for help, a ride out of the home or just some one to talk too. To not help some one that is being abused( or you suspect is being) to me is just as bad as if you were doing it yourself to that person.It Is just WRONG and IMMORAL to not act.The life you save may be one most important things you ever save from destruction.You may save, your's or some Else's sister , brother mother,daughter ,son, father. Yes men can be abused too, So it affects all, genders, Races, Creeds, Nationalities and socio economic backgrounds
Lap Band Update #3 Posted on Jul 23, 2008 at 04:56 PM
Well I went to the doctor today got great news . Since the last visit. I had lost 12.5 pounds since my surgury. Have 2 Incisions that Qite havent healed,but are a mere minor wounds. compared to what they were 3 weeks ago. Eating normal food now. just have to take eating my foods slow.(I have gone from Mach 6 eating to an Amish buggy) It feeels Great!!
DR Visit post Posted on Jul 15, 2008 at 04:00 PM
sdlrglady don't let money or the lack of it stand in the way of getting lap band surgery. As for me so It has been the best money I have ever spent( so far). mine has cost me less than 20 thousand for the doctor and hospital cost.That was Cash on the Barrel Head. Is it the perfect answer to being over weight , No but it is a tool to aid one in modifying their behavior to become healthier, It also will take work to exercise to help keep the excess weight off. Before I got off my duff and got real serious about getting healthier my weight was over 450.Through diet and exercise before surgery got down to 407. It has been three weeks , haven't got on a scale but I feel; a lot better.The F5 hunger I had has now been turned into a Harmless hay devil. It has helped, I know that I Must modify the way I think and feel about food.and make positive , healthier choices .
To lap band or not update Posted on Jun 29, 2008 at 09:21 PM
As some of you know that I have struggled with the decision to have Lap band surgery or not. Well a update .On June 26 I had the Lap Band surgery. I have observed the following things that have happened since. 1) My chest/ stomach area feels like King Kong used it for a trampoline. My apatite has gone from a Ravenous black hole, to nothing. A 20 once drink that used to take.025 seconds to be gone , now takes almost three hours. Before I could eat three 40 oz bowls of soup at a sitting now If I am lucky 3oz in a hour. I know that this decision is leading me to a better , and hopefully longer life. With a little luck, and a bit of time I'll be able to chase after that special some one and not need a Ambulance standing by.
Veiwed Blog problems Posted on May 31, 2008 at 10:33 AM
Is any one else having difficulties in clearing the section(Persons Who have viewed your Blogs?)I have tried to clear it but just not happening. I have tried to clear it for the past three days , no luck.
Shows I'de like to see made. Posted on May 12, 2008 at 08:11 AM
With the recent cookie cutter shows being made lately TV has been getting boring. the show I'de like to see you take 25 U.S. Congressmen take them to the real streets. Strip them of their cell phones , pda's money and power. Place them in the meanest, most poverty stricken streets that you can find and let them have to stay their for 90 days. On their own with only the resources that the can get by working them selves.Would you not like to see that? the title of the show would "Culture Shock"
People in a hurry Posted on May 05, 2008 at 09:24 AM
Is it just me? Or has any body else noticed that Drivers lately have been getting more aggressive and wreck-less. You are doing the limit and some chowder Head passes you up like you were driving a Amish carriage at the Indie 500. Or you are doing the speed limit and the person following you Tries to park their car in your bonnet. Or even more dangerous the person following you passes you in a no passing zone on blind curvy hill. all the time the are yakking away on the cell phone in one hand and a cup of coffee in the other, while trying to read the newspaper. Come one you Goobers. Where are you going too that is SO important, that you have place your and the lives of others in serious peril? If you knows it takes 15 minutes travel time to get some where don't leave 10 minutes before you are supposed to be there. If it takes 15 minutes to get there leave 5 minutes early. You will be less stressed, the other drivers will be less stressed at you. one should know that there are only 24 hours in a standard Earth day.So If you are from a different planet that has more hours in a day , go back to your home planet. you can't cram 28 hours of work in to a Standard 24 hour Earth day.Slow down,Stop to smell the roses .Sit down on the front porch , kick your shoes off enjoy your favorite Iced beverage. or go visit your neighbors and gossip and watch the Rat race go by. Your Blood pressure will thank you.
One of those years Posted on Apr 24, 2008 at 04:03 PM
Well folks it is official this year looks like it is going in the Porcelain throne.I just totaled my truck.So it seems now like my life has gone from bad to worse.September,I lost my job in,also my daughter was supposed to be in the Homecoming ceremonies every one was coming to see it,20 minutes before the game start the moved up the time. Christmas/New years person I worked with died, and missed his funeral. Feb Got severely stuck. March Got robbed and Blew a job interveiw. ansd now this month. Totaled my truckI am thinking of changing my name to Sleprock( the name of the Gang leader in the teenage flintstones cartoon, who had lots of bad things happen to him.)Oh whell At least I am still breathing.
"Univited Guests" Posted on Mar 19, 2008 at 10:33 PM
Don't you just love the feeling after thieves try to make off with the things you have worked very hard for! This week Again in less that 8 years. I have had to revisit the "joyous" Violated feeling that one gets. when all of through things have been gone through. What they did not take they have destroyed.The real bad thing was, that I had to come home on the "Slime ball" loading everything up. I was able to "puruade" him to Exit my garage.I was trying to detain him for the Sheriffs Deputy's, but as the deputy arrived at my house. Dirt bag decides to leave most Haste in the process dumping my lawn mower, welder, new air compressor damaging all of them. not to mention all of the plastic model kits that were either stolen, damaged or the ones that were scattered in a trail about a mile long the bayous and drainage ditches.
Tough Choices Posted on Jan 31, 2008 at 12:48 PM
You are a ruler of a great ream.You have placed your eldest child as a Governor of for a large city for preparation preparation for your child to take over your throne one day.You counsel them that theywill have sole reign over the land.They answer to no one,except but you. you counsel them to be just , Fair , and to have mercy.A few moths you find out that they have been neither, and now the city they were to rule is close to being sacked by a ally of your realm.Your child has attacked the allies lands with out provocation.what was not able to be carried off was put to the sword , then burned. Do you save your child from attack? Do you help your ally capture, and punish your child? If you capture your child what will be their fate? Death , Imprisonment, Banishment?