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Need Recipes Posted on Jun 23, 2010 at 09:59 PM
As some of you know I have in the past had a problem with weight. So to help me eat healthier I planted a large garden. Help,Ive now got a slight problem. I need a few fresh ideas for fixing Spagattie squash ,Yellow Straightneck, Patty Pan, and Butternut Squash's. I also need something fresh and new for useing tomatoes. The tomato Varieties are Yellow Pear, Marcellino,Sweet Million, Creole , Brandywine , Cherokee Purple and Porters. Ive had a bumper crop this year and run out of ways to fix the Squash other than boiled, or grilled. One can only eat so many tomatoes sliced with a slpash of sea salt, and drizzle of Balsamic Vinegar.
Apology to boakesmark2000 Posted on May 24, 2010 at 10:07 PM
Recently I replied to boakesmark2000 blog. In error by not having all the facts. I made a comment on his grammar and writing abilities.I was unaware that he has a disability. The comment on the gramatical correctness was made not knowing this. To him I aplogize. I during my collage years I saw a lot of poor grammar in papers . I am not claiming to be perfect. Since I was banned from posting on his blogs this is the only way to let him and others know that I was in error.I have removed the post since it was in error.
In a Hurry to die? Posted on Apr 19, 2010 at 09:59 PM
Is it me, or has any one else noticed that while you are driveing It seems everyone else is in a FREAKING rush to get some where FAST!I mean you doing 5 mph over the posted limit and Yet they pass you up like your riding a Turtle. Or they pass you and 5 other cars on a windy, hillyroad, a in a BLIND curve. Or the ever popular Driveing while talking on the phone , and shaveing. Or for the ladies, Putting on you Eye liner while driveing the speed limit(70) or the masterpeice . Steering with you knees , eating a burger , and reaching in the back seat to pick up some thing. Has any body else seen this type of behavior? Am I being an OLD fuddy Duddy? I have been told that I march to a differnt drummer. Hovever,I think I am NO Rush to meet my Maker.
Lap band updates and questions Posted on Mar 01, 2010 at 03:26 PM
Some of you have asked several questions about my lapband Surgury . All thought I am not a doctor, nor do I play one on Tv I will answer to the best of my ability. First let me preface that It is not the "Majic Cure " I veiw it as a small Part of a multi pronged approach to removing , and keeping off the excess weight. several of the Questions asked have been:"Like how long was the recovery?" Recovery from the surgurey in my case was overnight in the hospital to recover from the Anasthesia. After that I was in bed for a bout two days from being sore in the midsection. The only other minor complication was some drainage from two of the places the doctor had to cut to put the band in. Such a minor complicationt would be typical from having to cut throught over 8 inches of belly fat (in my case) to put it in. To answer "How are you feeling?", I feel great! To answer the question of "How much weight have you lost?" So far I have lost over 125 since having the surgury in June 2007. Any side effects? Yes but manageable a few minor is chopped lettuce Salads I have to be very careful. I have to take small bites and chew very carefully. one more is any meat that had gristle I have to trim out and avoid. If not take chance of blocking my port opening. On the question of "I've heard that there was a significant failure rate of the LB" As with any of the other bariatric procedures there are ways to self destruct and still gain. like eating high caloric foods, Fruit juices, milk and lots of processed sugar. As for the effectiveness of it Gastric Lap banding I think for me it was the best choice because I have a Ex Wife who had the Gastric bypass and she was not able to keep it off because of some side effects of mal asorbition and senativity to some foods and two additional pregnacies with her new boy toy .
Error message Posted on Dec 29, 2009 at 10:26 AM
any body else get this error message on the washington dc bbw party room ? Only gold member is allowed to view the blogs. Is this a shadow of things to come?
Authentication of Blog comments Posted on Dec 07, 2009 at 08:29 PM
Is It just me or does it seem strange that we Now have to authenticate our own blog postings . It apppears that the Scammers and Spammers have gotten to the point that they now affect our ways of doing things. Thank you scurvy dogs , yee spammers. May you truely get in life what you deserve Keel hauled and if you live Put in the Iorn Maiden.
Spread the love Posted on Dec 03, 2009 at 06:33 PM
In this comming holiday season we reflect on the joys that family gatherings can bring. However It can be a time of sadness to some for the loved ones that have passed.I ask you this comming days to give good vibes and keep those whom this year has not been kind to . Some of you may not know steelmant AKA "Tiny" but recently he has been Kicked hard by life this last few months by loseing several people close to him . Just the most recent was yesterday. So I ask you to Please send him some good energy and Vibrations to let him know that that he has freinds here on the Large Freinds site . Please do so, and let him know That do care ,and to give him and his family many prayers . I ask you to Please do this for him in his time of need. Butterbll AKA Pappy063 and Neal
Getting E-mail from Blocked Profiles Posted on Nov 22, 2009 at 07:00 AM
Is it just me, or does any body else get frustrated at getting emails from people. Esp. when you click on the link on the E-mail from LF's you get thease response's A)The user has chosen to temporarily hide profile. B)The user's profile is temporarily unavailable. (e.g. the user may put his profile on hold) C)The user may now be a success story. D)The user's profile is pending for approval. E)The user has hidden profile from the same gender. F)The user's profile is visible to favorite members only. G)The user has blocked your profile. H)The user is in your blacklists. I)You have hidden the user from search results. Since H) and I) are not valid. G) is not likely since they e-mailed me. F)since I was emailed not likely. To me kind of makes my BS Radar go wacky and light up like a Christmas tree. Esp when you can't even see the profile to even see the info to try to decide if they are real or not. Just my .02 cnts.I would like to hear comments from anybody who feels the same way,or not.
Desolation Posted on Sep 15, 2009 at 08:19 PM
Some of you have asked fo me to write some poetry so here for you parusal is one tonight I quickly penned . As I stand alone on the plains of love which are desolate and barren from life's battle field. I await my fate. I have tried to follow the sirens sweet song of love. For many days I have traveled at times hearing its call as loud as thunder and at times soft as the call of the Nightingale.I can go no farther, lest I stumble and fall in to the great depths hidden by the inky blackness. Yet the Harpies of fate follow me to visit their worst on me if I do not. Try I must. The inky black darkness slowly encompasses me and all that I see me like a constrictor crushes its prey. I must go on yet doing so would seal my fate. I stand awaiting the new light and fresh hope to renew my journey. My journey is to find and answer the sirens beckoning call of love. Half seen horrid hideous things and yet unseen things in the dark seek to claw at me feverishly with their cold steely talcons. Their frantic actions are with with the sole purpose of wresting from my body all hope. The Banshee's foul winds of despair cry out in the night air. Her Mournful cry seeking to drown out and dash all hope of hearing the sirens sweet call of hope. And yet faintly over the banshee's horrid call, I can almost hear it now. She cries out in a sweet voice hold on my love for soon, we will be not separated by this vast wilderness. Soon we fill find a way out of this desolation.So that together we can fill our cups in the fountain of happiness and love and never grow thirsty. Hold on my love! Have faith soon the howling winds and the storms of despair shall lose their might and fade. Have faith soon the dawn shall come. Follow you hearts call soon you shall see the light to guide you to me. Soon the mournful cry of the loon shall be one of joy. Hearing this I walk on, As the veil is lifted from me by her voice. I now can clearly see! There is hope I must go on!!
Another Star has has dimmed Posted on Sep 14, 2009 at 08:08 PM
For those who havent heard the Actor Patric Swaisey has lost his battle with pancreatic cancer tonight. fro
Vanishing Features on the web pages Posted on Sep 12, 2009 at 09:09 PM
Is It only me,or has anybody else been unable to find the "My subscriptions tab" on any blog page? Is this another Feature they(web adminastrators) decided to remove hoping no one would notice?
Insensative ad from PETA Posted on Aug 19, 2009 at 09:16 PM
Well looks like large women are being attacked by yet a nother Insensative group that claims to be good for everyone. The group I speak of is PETA. PETA is running an ad campain in Florida with a slogan of "Save the whales Lose the blubber: go Vegetarian. The ad shows a beach with a BBW in a red with white polka dots Bikini from behind. Putting it politely she is drawn with extemely ample back jelly rolls and large wadles under her arms. To me this Offensive and insensative of this group. In their litaure they infer that obese people are this way Solely because of eating meat. Their litature also infers that obease people will Majically lose all their weight by going vegetarian. Hey Peta , if you are eating all this fiber why are you so full of it??? I didn't climb to the top of the food chain to become a Vegetarian!
"More To Love " show Posted on Aug 05, 2009 at 05:19 PM
Has any body seen the new Fox show "More To love"? I have to say I applaud them trying to be fair . However I feel the made several of the contestants last night look like Stark raving bundle of emotions.I hope the producers have counseling for the ladies that have got booted of. Because I feel the producers preyed upon the ladies insecurities for pure entertainment. Has any else seen the show and feel the same way? What do you think?
Things I can do a one year anniversary Posted on Jul 18, 2009 at 10:02 PM
In response to a request here is a few things I can do now. Go to the beach and NOT have Marine Mammal Rescue try to put me back in the water.Buckle a seatbelt with out holding my breath.See my feet with out,a digital camera,or sitting in a chair.Not having to go to "Omar's",the tentmakers store for my clothes.Being able to walk in to a clothing store and buy something off the rack easily.Sit in a chair, and get up with it NOT following me when I stand up.Walk in to a restraunt with Grand buffet and walk away full and satified with one trip to it. Walk down the candy isle and not buy any thing. Have a portrait taken and not have the photgapher have to use a Wide Angle Lens.Being able to walk a mile with out chuffing like A Steam engine. Being able to be relaxingly floating in a pool and not have the Medical Examiner try to put you in a Magnum zip lock baggie.
Cheating? Posted on Jul 10, 2009 at 10:24 PM
After seeing a recent post of some one whinieing about the Ladies here on this site not web camming and other posts from months ago previous.I have reveiwed several simmiular profiles here on this site to better understand the posters. In their profiles they are Stating what they wanted.HOWEVER they say they are Married yet they are looking for DATING,LONG-TERM / SERIOUS RELATIOSHIP, CASUAL AND INTIMATE .I may not be the most Intelligent person but is this not cheating? I mean, you may Call me a Little old fashioned. But does not this type of behavior by some here on this site seem that person who states that they are married are cheating?,Yet state are looking for DATING,LONG-TERM / SERIOUS RELATIOSHIP, CASUAL AND INTIMATE Are they not Cheating on their Spouse by doing so? Does not that Behavior not have possible serious and potentially Deadly side effects effects,as recent national news stories have shown. And yet they wonder Why they are treated like the peverbial "Baby Ruth" floating in the pool.I have to Say Personally,If you are Married and are so unhappy that you have to go outside your marriage for you supposed needs . Why not not get a divorce and not have to worry about getting caught cheating and avoid potential of needing plastic surgury or other operations to reattach body parts or plug up extra holes that you may get from your Spouse that you cheated on. Just my .2Cnts
Things I Miss A One Year Anniversary Posted on Jul 09, 2009 at 03:19 PM
For some of you who don't know know me,I'll explain a little over a year ago I had lap band surgury. I have lost over 100+ pounds Since then, I'de like to tell others a Few things that I Really miss when I was over 450 pounds.The warm fuzzy feeling you sometimes get when you sit down in a chair and you realize you are locked in by your thunder thighs. The fun feeling when you stand up and the chair follows you.The fun feeling as you bend over to pick up something and get a sudden breeze and realise that the trousers you HAD on have developed a "Split" personality. The Joy of having to shop for two weeks to find a belt that might fit around you waist,Even if only on the first notch. The joyful feeling of spending 10 to 15 dollars more for your clothes. Even if they last only half as long.The joys of All the "Wonderfully" in fashion fabrics that the clotheries dump on you just because you have to cover your body. The joy of having little kids run up to you and poke you in you belly and get mad because you dont giggle like the Pilsbury Doughboy. those are a just a few of wonderful the things I miss when I was Obese.
What's you comfort range? Posted on Apr 19, 2009 at 10:21 AM

A recent wink from someone got me to¿pondering what is my comfort range.As some of you know I am¿ in my late 40's (46 to be exact) .Well the other day I received a wink from a young lady¿ who who was barely 19.Hey, I have a daughter two years older than that.I've got clothes older than that also! How far is too much of an age spread¿difference? What is your comfort¿ level? For me¿ 10-15 years max either way¿ is what I had held so far. Am I being "old fashioned ? If I was to date a lady that young I'de fel like I was "robbing the cradle" or I am being¿¿ a fuddy duddy. Conversely If I was dating a lady that was¿ 20 older than me¿ some folks would feel I was seeing her for reasons other than love .Am I being a"Square"?

Lapband update #7 Posted on Mar 10, 2009 at 07:48 AM

Several folks have asked for  a Lap Band update so here it is.For those new to the site Ill give you a breif  summary.  In September 97 I lost my job I was at 450 in weight and miserable. After extreme soul searching I decided to take the time  to get  back  to try to get the weight reduction surgury.I had tried twice several years before before once through the VA ( Total Pooch Party) and once though a  major hospital that advertises weight reduction surgury  here  in my area lot. Both tries were a bust.  So  after serious  thinking I finally  went to another  info session  for the surgury after some disscusion was able to get the date for the consult . I was a mess,with me being  almost 44, (at the time)  5'11   BMI over 62  a waist of 60+. weight over at 450 pounds . I could not walk a block before I was huffing and chuffing like a old wornout  steam locomitive. I could not bend over to tie my shoes. I had no energy.  I felt like the Stay Puff Marshmallow man. Now  I am down to a size 54 waist , weight is down to 350 . I have alot more energy. I am now able to move a lot easier.(joints dont hurt as much )  Even getting a few cat calls from the ladies ( Thanks ladies my ego needed that!!!) My self immage has improved imensely (no pun intended).  I can say the surgury was Not the Total answer.  But a component of a multi layerd approach. By limiting the amout I can eat at one time. I am forced to make better food choices. Also I have to focus , and fix those past bad habbits that got me to this point.(myself I am a emotionial eater, and yes a sugar junkie, and was addicted to fried foods if you could fry it I did.)  However those days are behind me( unless I fall of the wagon. ) Pray to god that I dont . I  can say to those who are  truely struggle with morbid obesity  is you have to LOVE your self  enough to change what is inside you. Change the self loathing of your body, to  loving your body,and trhe person inside of you .But  also making healthy choices to better support the new you you want to become. Hey It took  many years of food abuse  to get this way. So through years of hard work  YOU CAN become  the person inside and out you want to be!! I am not done on my journey to the perfection but .  I have just begun. If I never start ,Will I be any closer in one year, or two , or three? 

Incorrect punctuation Posted on Mar 08, 2009 at 08:23 PM

Is it just me or has anybody else had a problem with extra question marks being added in the posting of blogs. When the posting is done the site keeps adding question marks all over the page when posting is final.

Economically Dyslectic Posted on Jan 16, 2009 at 08:53 PM
As some of you remember may remember September 2007 I lost my job. I have without a job since. Now It seems that Since I am a lefty , I tend to do every thing backward. So now while most companies are laying off I found a job this week that the possabilities of a lay off are very slim . So I guess 2009 will be a good year for me after all. Now that I have already fulfilled on of my goals for the new year. I just have 2 more to get Ready to take off my list. One of them I know I'll will already meet soon . Lose more weight. But the one I hope really hope that I hope I get to remove Is to find A woman partner. Possiblly get to know really well. and may be start a life together.