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Blog title: Clothing Styles
Blog description: Hi, All. This is my very first blog and I am hoping to begin a great conversation here. So, I am a big woman, size 24, and I love lingerie. Where do you shop for pretty, pretty, sexy, stylish, sexy lingerie and other intimate attire? I'm talking corsets, bustiers, thigh high lace stockings, silk, lace, leather, etc., that fit women who weigh more than 275. I mean, really, do you have to be a porn star or drag queen to know where to go?
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Are people actually meeting here? Posted on Wed, Dec 28, 2011 00:00
Happy Holidays! My interest today is in finding out whether people get together from this site. there are so many fine men and beautiful women here saying the same things. They want to meet someone with whom they can share their lives, get married, hang out, have a pen pal, or just have sex, whatever they want. There seems to be very little conversation in the blogs and forums but what I do read is lamentations about there not being any connections made. So, tell me, are there people out here who actually do get together for whatever they find to be mutually agreeable and satisfying? Give me your thoughts.
Following up on 'Friends' Post Posted on Fri, Dec 02, 2011 00:00
I don't see me ever paying to be a member of this site for several reasons. customer service seems to be non-existent, so do the men, no one in my community responds, discussions are so slow and new ones are rarely started. Having said that, I thank all of the people who have responded to my previous blogs It is a good thing to see new discussion here. I have a question for FRENCHFATWOMAN. Can you describe where you live in France? Is it a large city, small village, by the coast, in a valley,etc.? And how are the men...LOL? I've only ever visited Paris once but that was Paris and not indicative of the entire country. I'd love to know more about life in France. Thank you!
Bike Riding Babes Posted on Sat, Nov 05, 2011 00:00
Hi, Again, People! Let me say straight off that I am a big, big woman. And I want to ride on the back of a bike, preferably a big My questions for the women; do you ride and how do you feel when you are zooming through the air? And for the men who ride; do you feel comfortable with a big, big girl on the back of your bike?