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Natural Highs!! ladyhawke1 162 09/26
are bbw easy Saitz_sue 584 02/16
OK RATE MY PIC PLZ!!!!!!!!!!! BLONDEGRL4U 544 08/12
Booty calls?? petale46 535 02/05
One hand or two? removed_NerdyGuy_100282381 517 03/12
Age Difference? gingervitis 483 12/17
Is PHAT where it's At????? PlayfulMermaid 430 08/16
Place your Order - what is it that you want ... aimeefla 416 07/01
Love (my last blog posting continued) removed_TheCurvyTigeress 397 05/26
I'm Totally in LOVE removed_NerdyGuy_100282381 329 02/17
One Size Fits Most - NOT! smoosh 329 09/08
Fantasy meet Scorpicious 324 08/24
Valentine's Day - Lonely Again! bunga05 315 02/08
Dr. Oz stannosstacey 297 09/11
Alternative food uses bizzle49 284 05/22
Would date a person if Nisi32132 269 01/15
*sigh* honeybiscuit 269 10/02
SouthEastern Meet and Greet? AmuseMe 232 04/19
WHAT MAKES A RELATIONSHIP WORK? msbigthick 170 04/08
Your Best Vacation Ever Katwoman1968 170 03/13
Who likes SSBBW's joeylatorre 2,170 05/16
No "normal" nice guys....settle or buy some ... JessicaLuv 650 05/14
Are people actually meeting here? angeIsoft 604 12/28
be honest about your age cris13 502 04/11
Another Lying Married Guy SharonKaye 482 11/13
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bbw in alaska