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Are you really happy with yourself ? Wish2Bth... 375 03/27/2007
Heidy Ho!!! wyldechi... 372 07/24/2008
hi all bizzle... 323 04/24/2007
What I Don't Like About Women: Amuse... 289 08/04/2008
G-Spot urbana... 922 09/05/2006
OMG! I can't believe women used to BELIEVE ... Amuse... 598 11/13/2006
My Adventures with Lazy Seductiveandsas... 571 11/12/2006
AGAINST THE CODE OF SISTERHOOD? gurly... 520 06/17/2006
Hey guys, help me to understand something? ... BeautifulMa... 500 08/29/2006
MEN ON HERE BLONDEGRL... 424 02/03/2009
I need help! Im confused!! Saitz_s... 403 02/21/2007
I'm talking to my fellow "men" here ... bigtom... 374 10/01/2008
Gratuitous use of Blog to post what I think ... SweetCice... 349 10/28/2007
q of the day: what makes you happy? honeybiscu... 329 05/04/2007
Men want to be Needed - Women want to be Wante ... aimeef... 319 08/24/2008
stirring up more twuble bizzle... 309 06/06/2007
It's Official, guys! truefriendin... 270 05/16/2009
What's up with that? bigtom... 250 03/17/2009
The Crazy and Why Men Love It BaltimoreGi... 248 10/15/2007
are bbw easy Saitz_s... 584 02/16/2007
OK RATE MY PIC PLZ!!!!!!!!!!! BLONDEGRL... 544 08/12/2008
Booty calls?? petale... 537 02/05/2009
Age Difference? gingervit... 483 12/17/2006
Is PHAT where it's At????? PlayfulMerma... 431 08/16/2009
Most active posts
Interested or wasting my time
cool day
Here in Chino
What ever happened to previous bloggers?
Do men want to be seen with bbw?
If you could be...........
Person above me?

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Interested or wasting my time
Here in Chino
What ever happened to previous bloggers?
cool day
Listen Up, Ladies!
BBW just wanting to chat