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could use some advice metal25 Recommended 210 03/29
Why are Men so EVIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hollaatyagurl 497 03/29
TONY IN RENO!!!! TSAL44 96 04/25
These sites CAN work! Cia2010 314 04/26
An update long overdue Emptiness 99 06/02
God wants you to know... Emptiness 116 06/02
The Confusion within us all Emptiness 85 06/02
What Life is about Emptiness 132 06/02
I'm bashful franrod 284 06/04
happy weekend Joanna1207 90 06/10
logging in monthly??? franrod 185 06/11
Long Nails on a Classy BBW JasenLovesLongNails 461 06/22
What I learned about these Dudes? LOL! hollaatyagurl 486 07/06
Lost in the sand too??? LostInElPaso 118 07/09
How come the chat room doesnt work? What are ... Hope4me 298 07/17
Enjoy)) swetla 192 07/22
FWB? hollaatyagurl 461 07/29
Friends?? tlm1970 281 08/14
scam tigerlily1956 379 08/17
Looking for a nice african american BBM Georgiapeach2011 319 08/25
getting to know me signedjones 405 09/06
Guess I have learned Beck12 30 10/16
Bike Riding Babes angeIsoft 183 11/05
Blog title: Clothing Styles angeIsoft 151 11/05
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