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Knock..Knock... littlemrsbehavin 295 05/16
How long to wait? MoonStruck 349 05/10
Old Fashioned Love StarEnight 131 05/22
You *must* be kidding StarEnight 362 05/21
friends littlemrsbehavin 167 05/15
WHY SHOULD I?? MissPlusSizedBeauty 80 05/28
handyman to fix's things Handyman_12 224 05/05
Poetic Interlude StarEnight 52 05/24
Stuck in Michigan 05-25-06 Emptiness 176 05/25
Too much time on my hands equals lots of thinking.. ... JessicaLuv 137 05/23
Uh ExcuseMe 62 05/25
Help me out ladies RexSteel20 Recommended 515 05/10
No "normal" nice guys....settle or buy some ... JessicaLuv 650 05/14
TAKE A LOOK MissPlusSizedBeauty 165 05/25
MN men girls_lie_to 10 05/27
Shopping Pattyann 178 05/13
Independant Women StarEnight 230 05/08
Am I out of touch out of time? 2tone2 146 05/21
Hello shelil 40 05/24
Give me your opinion!! sultrynight 59 05/24
honest guys JulieIsRedHot 59 05/23
newbie here jonezy44 3 05/23
the married man tangyrine 302 05/06
Just Building StarEnight 22 05/23
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