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Fat Clothes naught_bbw 333 04/10
Anyone else? aldunc 228 07/28
unhappy married man blmathis 342 12/26
A bit confused... aldunc 161 05/19
Fantasies luving 321 02/22
Sexy versus Beautiful/Handsome bestkeptsecret 526 11/09
WEDNESDAY ISH ravern2000 97 03/24
Sometimes you wonder if it is even worth it ... whitetexasrose 286 07/20
Funny, sexy, nice lookin, kind, sensual, so ... pinkandfluffy 958 06/23
International Dating..... lindajayf 372 04/17
Recent embarrassment removed_sdlrglady_23498455 166 05/14
Southeastern ohio male lookin for his soulmate ... sunnyblueskys7 45 10/23
Thnaks for everything mikecgillman 160 08/09
TAMPA BBW BASH!!! badazzgurl 110 04/30
Gifts naught_bbw 85 02/09
CAPS lock naught_bbw 219 06/06
Well it's a start.... whitetexasrose 138 08/01
A rhyme for the night... sheerwarmth 98 08/09
It's been nice... ladyhawke1 168 08/12
friends tmd898 123 08/03
On the Train... sheerwarmth 84 08/09
Thank You kuster 81 08/09
Why do men feel intimidated by height? Kutey_py 508 07/09
If this is you I look forward to hearing from ... pear_lover 144 07/19
Creative Beauty candycouga 135 07/30
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