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Why do men feel intimidated by height? Kutey_... 508 07/09/2006
Success Story stannosstac... 139 07/18/2010
The definition... KittenCasand... 168 03/12/2009
Bored bbwinPA20... 202 07/21/2010
Being right and being real jonesp... 146 06/19/2010
friends Nicka... 77 07/28/2010
been gone so long ravern20... 192 05/03/2010
Can you See the Difference??? toket... 493 04/08/2006
If this is you I look forward to hearing from ... pear_lov... 145 07/19/2010
My first cooking class... texasgu... 119 09/23/2009
new here but just wondering Mogirl... 240 03/07/2010
LOOKING FOR A FRIEND WITH BENEFIT superpe... 309 06/01/2009
I am new Domirocks... 104 04/07/2010
Anyone around? truefriendin... 137 06/19/2010
Well, what do ya know!? mikecgillm... 140 06/21/2010
300 in less than 30 minutes jonesp... 217 06/16/2010
"What a day, what a day you should've ... mikecgillm... 146 06/08/2010
Where are all the good people? hollaatyagu... 159 04/26/2010
How about a southern meet and greet? Babycakes... 117 06/15/2010
Are you ever unsure? hollaatyagu... 99 04/29/2010
Work in Progress? hollaatyagu... 98 04/30/2010
My Friends Metro PCS Drama jonesp... 65 06/14/2010
Ohmygod! Have I ben living under a rock!? Ohmygod! ... mikecgillm... 247 05/21/2010
NO LUCK IN LOVE readyorkn... 384 04/14/2010
new member vicarofd... 208 03/21/2010
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Interested or wasting my time
Here in Chino
What ever happened to previous bloggers?
cool day
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