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where the plus size , bbw ladies at? bbwluving... 511 11/07
looking for black ssbbw/bbw in beloit,wi. cane... 118 12/01
Courtesy has just left the building removed_Madhorse_1009620... 59 03/07
Dating and knowing somebody from another countr ... removed_Madhorse_1009620... 86 03/10
The touch on go situation removed_Madhorse_1009620... 47 03/12
Comments in profiles do they really work?? removed_Madhorse_1009620... 92 03/17
Calling Aussie BBW fans-where are you? cuddlieauss... 8 08/28
Any Christians out there? BBWDiva4Chri... 220 12/14
Fat People wanda_wor... 1,574 03/11
My biggest conundrum Poni... 302 05/07
White liars Babycakes... 213 02/25
Need Recipes butterb... 121 06/23
Getting E-mail from Blocked Profiles butterb... 117 11/22
Lonely ravengodde... 292 06/18
Blonde ravengodde... 247 06/03
My hair color ravengodde... 153 05/27
I miss my babies JolRard... 281 05/15
Irish Guys Bubblis... 142 08/02
what intrigues you the most about being large ... msbigthi... 146 03/31
REASON FOR BEING HERE msbigthi... 376 04/29
what makes a long distance relationship work ... msbigthi... 112 04/21
WHAT MAKES A RELATIONSHIP WORK? msbigthi... 180 04/08
WHO KNOW EXACTLY WHAT THEY WANT msbigthi... 140 03/30
I'm a star anyway removed_NerdyGuy_1002823... 137 03/05
Large Breasted Women Jimmy... 3,721 02/27
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