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Fried Day VeniVici 95 04/07
Dreaming of summer fun airemus 51 04/07
Yay! Three Day Weekend StarEnight 53 04/06
hi curvy!! greenbarry 94 04/06
Just an observation airemus 58 04/06
I'm Happy removed_TheCurvyTigeress 50 04/06
Profile Wrong! sweetsforyou 124 04/06
It's all about the fit airemus 177 04/05
Fix the Blog Bug toketee 87 04/05
is the WAIT due to the WEIGHT ? ? ? airemus 434 04/05
I've met someone... Tisha 188 04/04
Body Image StarEnight 125 04/04
Gripping... removed_TheCurvyTigeress 103 04/04
My weekend removed_TheCurvyTigeress 42 04/04
My Blog? MrGW 54 04/03
Rain beautiful Rain! VeniVici 36 04/03
You Learn StarEnight 47 04/03
The shock - and another "dissie" LudicrousLucifer 162 04/03
BBW Barbie toketee 885 04/03
Icecream Licker! VeniVici 189 04/02
why not? martyp1983 37 04/02
Got Blog? VeniVici 35 04/01
So Sad StarEnight 102 04/01
New Rule???? toketee 439 04/01
What women want most easymoney 613 04/01
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