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I Wish more people would look deeper! FunandDe... 89 04/14
Large Unshaven Women jordanrichar... 676 04/14
Whats the most desirable qualities you look ... MISO... 140 04/14
Why large women are so much fun! betsylov... 203 04/14
The Triple Whammy girlwhosangtheblu... 98 04/13
what to do???????? MsJennif... 295 04/13
Why don't guys post their pictures? Tis... 250 04/13
Thanks Guys StarEnig... 119 04/12
Las Vagas bash 2006 JULY greatki... 122 04/12
Welcome to my world Wilkwor... 12 04/12
The being single blues night_on_the_s... 31 04/12
Confidence StarEnig... 89 04/11
Wow! Guess I'm not datable, or, something is ... sweetsfory... 652 04/11
What is with the fat focus? airem... 161 04/11
be honest about your age cris... 513 04/11
Monday.....monday...monday StarEnig... 27 04/10
Hiddy Ho chunkymonkey... 59 04/10
I don't get online too often lately Mr... 53 04/10
Nothing to do and no one to do it with... removed_TheCurvyTigere... 61 04/10
Phat Girlz 1130... 84 04/09
Can you See the Difference??? toket... 493 04/08
Vegas Bash Cheram... 140 04/08
First Blog Ever LikeHon... 15 04/08
Yeah bucky20... 40 04/07
Fried Day VeniVi... 96 04/07
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What's Up with a Full-Length Photo Fetish? And with weight?
Listen Up, Ladies!
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Sexy Long Nails
First day
What's Up with a Full-Length Photo Fetish? And with weight?
What we do for love...
Listen Up, Ladies!
None of Us is Perfect (I already know I'm not, by the way)
Some cyber and physical sexual fun for the bigger woman