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Is It Wrong nodramaaroundme 211 02/27
Dumped - by email smoosh 243 02/26
Projection naught_bbw 72 02/25
Happily Married!!! CoverGirl 156 02/25
White liars Babycakes63 213 02/25
HI richie14094 135 02/23
Smurfing Smurf Smurf! naught_bbw 176 02/21
I met a wonderful man today! shirleyxu 188 02/18
I'm Totally in LOVE removed_NerdyGuy_100282381 329 02/17
Get a counselor! naught_bbw 150 02/15
Looking 4 U golddeelov2000 146 02/14
Piercings? Babycakes63 171 02/14
Valentine's Day Baubles naught_bbw 92 02/14
Honesty TanzaniteLight 127 02/12
Back to the dating scene again... kryssibug 130 02/11
Gifts naught_bbw 85 02/09
It's a wonderful day after all TanzaniteLight 44 02/06
BBW Sites - A Bit of a Rant Magdaleina 500 02/06
Losing my star naught_bbw 85 02/03
Do These Peolpe Exist? TanzaniteLight 134 02/01
Groundhog Day naught_bbw 60 02/01
Do you wink at everyone? naught_bbw 165 01/31
Bad Spellers of the World, Untie! naught_bbw 109 01/26
Serious relationship? TanzaniteLight 124 01/26
Don't touch. naught_bbw 154 01/24
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Big Women: Big Love
looking for bbw and ssbbw
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