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White liars Babycakes... 215 02/25
HI richie140... 135 02/23
I met a wonderful man today! shirley... 188 02/18
Looking 4 U golddeelov20... 146 02/14
Piercings? Babycakes... 171 02/14
Honesty TanzaniteLig... 127 02/12
Back to the dating scene again... kryssib... 131 02/11
It's a wonderful day after all TanzaniteLig... 44 02/06
BBW Sites - A Bit of a Rant Magdalei... 505 02/06
Do These Peolpe Exist? TanzaniteLig... 135 02/01
Serious relationship? TanzaniteLig... 124 01/26
Once Upon A Time . . . BridgeportK... 125 01/24
Real men Babycakes... 306 01/16
I love Big Beautiful Women smooth4... 378 01/05
A New Year....A New Home...A New Life Katwoman19... 156 12/30
washington dc bbw party room thic20... 14 12/28
Mery Christmas angeleyes20... 75 12/25
Bad Experiences truefriendin... 224 12/22
Missing my Mom at Christmas. cricket5... 103 12/21
she dont love me fredfrazier... 193 12/18
am i wrong smiley... 159 12/17
I think I might be an unpleasant person. Magdalei... 192 12/17
What is "Casual" Babycakes... 267 12/07
Respond to losses at holidays angeleyes20... 83 12/05
where am i going wrong AL15... 232 12/03
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