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Hi out there! bencay 137 03/12
Italian travel falco45 145 03/04
New user 2 the site from NSW, Australia Hiland 153 02/28
Out of Place..... LadiLola 230 02/23
NO MORE PIECE OF MAN PLEASE!!! hollaatyagurl 358 02/22
BHM? Jayb74 318 02/03
my first month removed_billywilliams 241 02/01
hello again hnybrn30 156 01/29
LOVE IN NY telula 218 01/15
So Soon? Happy New Year, Everyone.... orlandoan407 108 01/05
OUT WITH THE OLD....IN WITH THE NEW!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ... hollaatyagurl 213 12/31
Happy New Year tae ye all fae Scotland AbzWayne 95 12/31
Hidden and Hideing Online Profiles!!! AbzWayne 183 12/31
Winter Snow Annie5722 146 12/29
unhappy married man blmathis 342 12/26
Hi, Everyone Tarrbaby 161 12/26
Knock knock.................anybody? removed_NerdyGuy_100282381 369 11/29
Having confidence azureblue753 191 11/29
Northern uk ssbbw's dazzyluv34 279 11/22
someone there to say hello i am not a scamme ... muscloux 265 11/21
Writing a book about bbws........... hollaatyagurl 268 11/17
Thunder Thighs WWguy 498 11/10
Going to Las Vegas Soon!!! Woohoo! LonelyInFL 155 11/06
hi LOVE_DOVE_44 118 10/29
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