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Blog title: how is it
Blog description: hey fellas ho w is that you can get on a dating site for big people an you do not like big women, how is it you can say you like a big woman but scared to make a conment but you can commmit to how is it you say to her you my babby but scared to holdhands in public boy please you are not a man how is it you may ask because a real man is not SCARED.
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lookin by dee Posted on Fri, May 21, 2010 10:19
i lookin but it is so clear to see i lookin baby but i cannot reach you , i lookin an ready to give up but i hear you callin me near, i lookin daddy, but i seems like it will be a life time for me to hold us, i lookin, were are you ? i lookin so long i am ready to give up i tired but i can nat give up , come get me i waiting
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