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Blog title: Looking for friends in Phoenix
Blog description: I am fairly new to Arizona and would love to make some friends, men and women. Let's talk if you aer in the area! We can see if we share any interests.
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Photo or No Photo? Posted on Fri, Aug 18, 2006 21:04
I am really curious about people that do not post photos. It seems to me that if you don't have a photo, that MANY MANY people will just go right by your profile without giving it a chance. I also want men to know how *I* feel about the lack of photo, as maybe other women feel the same (women, do you?) So I have a few questions and hope that I hear back from a few of you! :-) 1)I am wondering if there are people that do not have photos, but DO get a lot of responses to their profile? I would think that not having photos would be a prime reason for not getting a good response. But maybe I am wrong. Anyone getting contacted through their profile without a photo? 2)Guys, here is what *I* do. When I search my area or on my search criteria, I click through on all the ones with photos that look genuinely interesting (which is not based on whether you are super hot or not). I generally skip over EVERY profile without a photo. Because I wanted to contact a few more people than had photos, I did start looking at the ones without photos today. But the only question I have for them is if they will post one. It is not about your level of "hotness" (if there is such a word), but more about just seeing what you look like in general. I have to at least think the person looks good to me. We all know what we like or don't like. So guys, why not post a photo?? I know a few people don't because they are married. Some don't because they don't want colleagues, etc to accidentally see them on a dating site. But those are in the minority. What is the reason that so many men do not post a photo? Are you doing it becauase you don't have one, or because of a specific reason? I am really curious! So I hope you respond. I also wonder if you realize that you might be missing out because I am pretty sure that most women do like I do and look at all the ads with photos first. Am I right? Wrong? Opinions? I am have alwasy been very curious about this and look forward to have some feedback.
Who is in the Phoenix area? Posted on Sun, Jul 09, 2006 13:40
Hey hey! Anyone out there in the Phoenix area? I would love to hear from men or women. I work from home so don't get much time to meet people. Give me a holler if you would like to talk!