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Posted on Dec 11, 2006 at 02:24 PM

Living my life from day to day, After the divorce was the time to grow. Never worrying I had something to say, As with my new life, it allowed me to know. In you walk, so cute and smart. Always wanting me to open up and talk. Handsome, Charming, and with a heart, knowing to show me this, I could not walk! Walk away from those that needed me Since I've stood alone and took the part. So you came and started to break the wall, the wall that stood with no heart. I lived, I loved and gave it my all. Every part of me that I could. But you, you saw deeper than that, Stepped up and helped like a friend should. Showed me Trust, Self-Worth and most of all the Love I still had inside. You broke down the iron wall and showed me not to hide. We became close, confidants, and shared so much. The friend I always dreamed of. Then, one day I woke to find It must've been all made up. You were gone and not so much as a "bye". "Why, What or How?" all over a lie. I live everyday searching for what was and I need to quit for now. The hurt and pain of seeing you.. no words exchanged, and I tried! Want to hold you, smell you and kiss you again, And know that you never tried, but lied! "I'll always be there for you, know that", you said I've called and texted for only to see a blank screen staring back at me. I wish I knew the rules of how to be your friend. But, I don't know the rules "Does that mean it ends?" Please come back to me soon! My heart's shed so many tears. I still wish on every star and moon, I will through all the years! I miss you! I need you and I want you still! Whomever you are, or who you became! There's no explaining or talking needed... I'll love you just the same!

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