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Blog description: ok. let's try this. i am new here and never tried a blog. i guess you just talk about yourself, huh? i am 53, divorced 10 years ago, have 2 girls who both live in other cities. i was going to move myself 2 years ago, but then my old workplace invited me back part time and it's too good of a job to turn down. i forgot to say i am a young retiree, 'cuz they bought us out. but as my daughter tells me......i am too young to just sit home. this is boring..more interestig stuff tomorrow.
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help please! Posted on Mon, Sep 17, 2007 05:23
I just joined and am new at this. The first person to contact me says he is "temporarily" in West Africa. Is this one of those schemers I've heard about? I never had any experience with this. What do you think?