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Posted on May 12, 2006 at 04:33 PM

A very handsome, well built man came into a small town, proudly showing off the most perfect of hearts there was to be found. He proudly displayed the mass of muscle deep within his chest for all to see and dared anyone to find a more perfect heart than his own. The towns folk gathered round and stared in disbelief at the wonder before them and wished they could have a heart such as his. Across the cobblestone street, a tired old man made his way through the crowd to have a better look at the younger mans heart. With a crooked smile, he agreed that it was indeed a fine specimin, but that his own heart was far more beautiful. In shock, the handsome man demanded to see the heart that could possibly be more perfect than his own. Without hesitation, the old man opened his shirt to reveal a tattered and torn heart that occasionally skipped a beat. Laughing loudly, the younger man exclaimed how ugly the old mans heart was, and how dare he compare such a thing to his own. He asked how this joke of a person could possibly think that an old beaten and worn thing like that could be seen as more beautiful? The old man smiled and pointed to a small discolored patch. See this? This is where I gave a piece of my heart to an old widow who had lost her family to sickness. She gave me a piece of her heart in return. And this one here... this was from a small boy who's puppy had died and I helped to bury it with him. This hole here is where I gave a piece to a farner who gladly took, but gave nothing in return...but thats okay. You see, your heart may be perfect in your eyes, but to me, it looks lonely. The younger man listened as his eyes misted with tears. He reached into his chest and tore loose a small piece, offering it to the old man, who quickly traded for a piece of his own. The younger man looked upon his heart with its new ill fitted piece. The old man smiled and said... Now That is a beautiful heart.

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