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Posted on Sep 30, 2008 at 05:48 PM

When I?m around you, it?s like a Whirlwind of Butterflies, And with every glance, I?m taken, higher and higher. To see, your beauty is to fall, into a sea, of unmatched bliss. The thought of you, alone, brings such happiness. Your essence, it is, just drunkening, it?s like a spirit to my soul. It intoxicates me, totally, right down to the bone. Your smile, bountifully beautiful, as delightful as can be, Whenever I see it, sheer bliss comes over me. Your fragrance, so redolent, overtakes me, like a light, cool, summer?s wind. To describe, your beauty, I can?t even begin, For, such beauty, there are no words to capture. Your beauty, simply, spelling, utterly, it enraptures, But it?s more than just your beauty that makes you, all so wonderful. Your personality, pleasant, pleasingly personable, Everything about you, absolutely, incredible. You?re ?Pure perfection,? in my eyes. Whenever I?m around you, it?s like a Whirlwind of Butterflies!!!

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