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Posted on Jul 12, 2006 at 06:15 AM

Well, here I am starting another name is Isabella and I'm Italian, I live in Scotland (uk) and it's 4 years anymore...I know, how could i possibly leave a sunny and great place like Rome to live in a always grey and rainy place like ~Scotland?? well because as many of my friends says I'm mad! always wanted to live abroad and when I was 23 I tried ...and I'm still here...I will use this space to say everything happen in my life , how my research for someone who can love me goes and...well, hopefully I will not bore you and who knows..we may become friends..uh??? need to go to really want to but...I have too! AHHH I almost forgot..I divide my life and my house with Stanley a little white bouncy dog who make my life a bit more happy!! talk you soon Isyxx

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