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Posted on Aug 03, 2007 at 05:11 AM

Hi Stanno, You bring up a very interesting topic. Whether it's a nice gal or a nice guy I think that saying is only proven if one thinks that of themselves. We are what we think. From my personal experience, as a nice gal, I find that I hide, well I used to hide, which of course led to no one finding me. There is another issue, that being that there are less people out there at different ages, I'm speaking now of the 50 something crew. The selection is lower due to life happening, marriage, death and the individuals that don't want to commit to a relationship. Given the lower selection of individuals our odds of finding someone is substantially lowered. I really think that's the reason is "feels" like the nice gals and guys finish last. I do have one more point, I feel that finishing last is where I might want to be, after I sift through the individuals that don't match with me and me with them, there's a small pod left. The "last" person that I find that will "fit" for me and him will actually be THE LAST. This gives the old adage "save the best for last" a much more desirable meaning right??? Who agrees? Who disagrees???? Natalie32132 Re: stanno write: Hi, this is my first ever blog! I read here the other day from someone that nice people finish last. Do you think that's true? Or are some people destined to never finish? Or do you think that there really is someone for everyone? I'll leave it with you because at the moment I'm pondering solitude and it's acceptance in todays society.

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